April 24, 2019

I Want my NaMo BACK – Pre May 2014


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NaMo with his three consecutive win as Chief Minister of Gujrat. Consistent hard work and making GUJRAT as key state of INDIA proved himself way  beyondothers. None even today can match that performance. News Traders ran a concerted campaign to malign him for over a decade and they continue to do so even now. But the day he was officially announced the Prime Minister of India will never be forgotten.

There was so much pressure on citizens during UPA 1 and 2. Back to back scams and appeasement was the key to UPA tenure.

NaMo’s Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas MANTRA was message for a healthy and peaceful society. The opposition and NaMo haters had many claims, all fell flat. There were people who stated they would walk naked and some asserted they would leave India if he won. Well…… What followed next was an agenda to humiliate him for everything that did not even exist. Starting from his overseas visits to build up long lasting strategic understandings and relationships to his SUIT to INTOLERANCE …. list is endless. The nation stood by him and fought tooth and nail with MSM and opposition.

Though there have been some feeling of minority appeasement but by and large it was ignored as the PM knows what is right and wrong, so why pre empt something. The first shock came in the form of Ministry of Textiles signing a MOU with one of group company of NDTV. After hue and cry the MOU was scrapped.

Modi the messiah of transparency fails at the first Hurdle

Some blamed the ministry, some blamed the babus, point is NaMo is Captain of the ship and fingers shall be pointedIMG_20170204_093915_508 at him. To my surprise this is what I read yesterday. Come on… we are not bonded labor to support anyone blindly. Right Wing is not a tag I have taken from kids who are throwing their weight around on social media to support NaMo. For me it is INDIA FIRST.

When News Laundry had planned a show with NaMo and NDTV tried to piggy backon it.We on social media were the ones who protested and NaMo heeded to sentiment, refused to participate in it. That is the NaMo I know and would love to deal with.

I have full faith in him and I am wondering what are the compulsions that he is not able to control his ministers paying regular visits to NDTV despite the role played by them after 2002. What are the compulsion that Barkha still visited BJP’s Election Office in UP.

NaMo as chief Minister of Gujarat went to Uttrakhand to ensure not only people from Gujrat but from rest of India are rescued. He is not an ordinary man and can’t be tied to a tree. The rope to tie him is not yet created. Only person to go through the entire legal process with regard to 2002 and come clean. Rest keeping asking for new dates to delay the judicial process.

BengalIMG_20170202_212306_347Having known such a person for so many years why is it that he is silent on NDTV and crimes in West Bengal and Kerala. I would be the last person to ask for President rule in both the states. These are elected government and they should be allowed to finish their term. But at the same time the centre needs to use its discretionary powers to send para military and protect the helpless citizens. The state governments should be pulled up legally. Their care takers should be asked to explain their action on whatever is going on. If the Parliament can summon the Governor of RBI why not the DGP of both states, why not other government staff?

We are not allowed to celebrate our festivals and there is not support form the government at center. I mince no words when I write and I speak in few words. I have seen politics and doing my bit even before the advent of Twitter. Some people from BJP who used to enjoy my writing in UPA2 days may have IMG_20170204_093928_712discomfort now on what I write and support. My loyalty is with Nation and not with individuals. You do right work I will praise, you do wrong, I shall pin point, try and understand the reason and give solutions too. But I am not here to take dictates from self professed NaMo supporters who want to question the timing of my comments. Patience is maintained to observe. Pre alerts are for cross checking and Timing is circumstantial.Screenshot_2017-02-04-09-53-05Screenshot_2017-02-04-09-52-36I was blocked by UPA2 along with other 16 on Twitter. This was revoked later.  I am still blocked by CM of West Bengal. Ref article from ET .

bjpWith so many MODI supporters being targeted on social media, I expected a better assistance from him and BJP. The recent case of Rahul Raj @bhak_sala is a flash point. This did not happen over night. A minister first tries to push her son UP state top job. After failed attempts tries to provoke MODI by targeting his support base on social media is not a done thing. If at all there is any tangible contribution like Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Shri Piyush Goyal, etc then throwing tantrums to some extent can still be over looked for a while. Why keep many liability like this? I understand that such adjustments do happen in politics but I would expect an ASSERTIVE MODI instead of SUBMISSIVE MODI. His ability to win friends across the globe need not be repeated here. But his same assertive approach is expected in Domestic Affairs as well. 

To read this is a painful thing. Though Smt. Smiriti Irani has done a splendid job defending @bhak_sala and also highlighting how Derek used a wrong platform to settle political score.


If the trouble makers were taken to task in the first place, we would not have seen a situation where a Minister is debating a wrong of Derek O Brain in the Parliament.

With NaMo government I have different experience post 2014. There are plenty of experience that I would still not reveal and open up before 2019. However, one experience that I do wish to share out here is when I fell seriously sick and was in ICU for 3 weeks, with survival at stake.

To my surprise PM Modi wrote a Tweet. Sharing the link. (click on the link below to see comment thread).

I am looking out for the MODI that I knew.


Life with Dignity is equally important for HINDUS in Bengal and Kerala. But the bigger question is they can talk about dignity when they will remain ALIVE. Tigers need to be saved. We need HUMAN BEINGS too.

What we saw before 2014. Mercy for none. Be it in deliverable, speech, writing, no matter what it was. He needs to come out of balancing act and throw the rubbish out. Be it a strategist or a minor minister with an important name.

You Live with Liability, You will be Blamed.                                                                                                                               You Live with Dignity, You will Shine.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter. Thanks to all Tweeples. You are my backbone. God Bless.


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