April 19, 2019

IAC was platform, Demonetization is Execution – Black Money and Corruption

india has won

Who can forget how Baba Ramdev was forcefully removed from the protest site. That was Jun 2011.

Then came August 2011, India Against Corruption movement. Anna Hazare got whole of India under one roof. East West North South. There was no difference. People were on road for a common cause. This movement lost it’s sheen as the people around him had difference of opinion.

But one thing that the citizens learned was that Unity is big Power. And famous lines that Anna narrated from the stage सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है………

Movement died it’s natural death but it created AAP.


Though people knew the reason for creation of AAP but none realized that it would go against the nation itself one day.

What are the credential of Shri Kejriwal?

Broadly 2. U Turn and Lies.

A detailed list of his credential is listed in this URL Shankhnaad.

Before we go ahead whiff from the past is a must.



Kanhaiyaa is innocent student for him………



U Turn in Bihar later. 


Where are lakhs of CCTV promised?



A person who can threaten to disrupt Republic Day Parade talking about Indias well being is joke.  Over the years the language he has started using is un becoming of a cultured person. This year he went in Sandals and Socks for President’s Dinner at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

All this was fine but from the day PM has announced Demonetization, Kejriwalji has lost his sleep. This is the time he and his party should should have come forward and supported the move. Instead of that he is busy trying to incite people.

Tweet11Why not when friends like Sardesai, Barkha and Kanwal are there it looks a lot more easy. Pick up any video. Everyone is focusing on long queue. They are asking wrong question to the people standing in queue. Did any of the MSM people bother to tell the citizens in queue that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. YOUR EFFORT TO ASSIST THE GOVERNMENT WILL RESULT IN BETTER TOMORROW?

Failed Modi is good news for most of them. 




But there is no dearth of honest………



Worst he has dragged Modi’s mother into it. Bhaai your dirty mind will not change but people are going to change your political geography very soon. He needs to Sit back, relax this term as CM. Kal ho naa ho CM. He has taken an oath and it will go against him legally too. We know he is once again desperate to step down.

The discomfort is obvious and results are evident. AAP not contesting elections in so many cities now. Why?

Now he wants to create trouble by inciting people.


The result of Demonetization are tangible and this is not even tip of the ice berg. This is just on liquid cash. Imagine what happens when immovable and movable assets have to be declared. Modi Rajnath should ensure state of art mobile medical van is around him 24 x 7. Sure to get serious health problem.


Nation is moving ahead and no place for rumor mongers. Yes there is queue, yes a better contingency plan should have been in place. But cleaning of BLACK MONEY would have got diluted for sure. Hats off to the ordinary citizens. This is the spirit of an INDIAN. Next when Kejriwal bhaai goes for a film review, possibly he can enjoy cashless transaction.



Results are evident and more shall follow. But some hard hit politicians after Demonetization want to see in one direction only.

Even the ones who are getting married are with the PM.


Enjoy this filmi dialogue. He thinks we have forgotten about the apology to Shri Nitin Gadkari. 


One more to expose him. Trust Shri Subhash Chandra take it to logical end.


Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh…. list is getting big. If AAP doesn’t contest election what will aam aadmi do? He shouldn’t run away. Catch him……….rofl.

Remember the famous poem of Ex Commissioner of Delhi and his poem in a India Today Conclave …. kitna bhaagoge………

Back to the headline of this article. The divide is clear. Corrupt who are fully loaded with black money are most vocal. Some smart brains are quite and waiting for right time to take further step.

Modi may have announced Swach Bharat after becoming PM but people had already taken decision long back and that was the reason for superb result in 2014. 



Picture Credit: Twitter facebook WhatsApp screen shots from friends.

URL Credit: http://shankhnaad.net/


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