May 24, 2019

Illegal Bangladeshi’s

Illegal Bangladeshi in different part of India is a major issue. A housing society in Noida was in news and once again we have reasons to discuss and blame BSF, state and central government. Before we get busy and forget about this menace we need to look at the root cause.

Maid is an integral part of our family. Some have compulsion to keep and for rest it is luxury. How many time do we inform the local police station before keeping the maid and driver for due diligence.

We have become so selfish with our daily needs that we don’t mind compromising with our own security. Noida housing society issue is a wake up call. High time we sensitize people around us.

In 2004 there were 12 million illegal bangladeshi and as of last year the number has crossed 20 million. Even the government doesn’t have exact count. Can’t blame current BJP government for that. The mess is created over the years. Assam is worst hit. Once again back to whose problem is it?

It is our problem and we have to solve it. For everything the government can’t be blamed. Even if we have to blame and we keep doing the same thing, how does it solve.

The only way is social boycott of illegal bangladeshi, inform police the moment we come to know about such people in our vicinity and follow up.

Why is it easy to report SPAM and difficult to report illegal bangladeshi’s?

The central government can chip in with simple solutions. We have had enough of APPS for various aspect of our life. Now let us have an APP for reporting illegal Bangladeshi, Rohingyas and other crimes. This application will actually motivate citizens to report crime or any activity where they have suspicion. While there is a possibility of HOAX but imagine the information that are serious in nature, it would help the law enforcement agency and intelligence in a big way. Reporting the matter to police has it’s limitation. No matter what the government may say, reality is common citizens avoid going to police station.

The government also need to accept that going to police station is the last thing a citizen wants to do in his/her life. An app would be a good starting point. And rest can be done by Home Ministry. State government like West Bengal and Kerala will have least interest.

This App can also come handy for reporting any suspicious movement as well. It all depends on the central government and intelligence agencies how they want to use.

Deportation is discussed and when it will happen is difficult to understand. In the interim nationalist are obviously large in numbers and need to be used by government.

UP state government did remove the slum of illegal bangladeshi who created ruckus. Bigger question. Where did they go? There are many who commit crime and shift.

Demolishing slums is a temporary solution. The government needs to identify these illegal bangladeshi’s and put them across border. In case the Bangladesh refuses to take them, put them in specially created detention centre life long. No dobt, some may argue the cost of maintaining these detention centres but it would be worth the investment as this would eliminate crime and illegal voting. As a nation we can’t afford of have illegal occupation in our country and risking our lives.

Aadhar card is easy to get and their argument of having aadhar and PAN is no justification. Let us accept the reality and dump Human Right activists for Nation building. As long as they are fed and we are safe, detention centres should not be a issue. The cost of A to Z scam is much bigger than that. Current regime is capable of finding a better solution for this menace.

BJP election manifesto for 2014 spoke about completing fencing work along India Bangladesh border. While this is important, identifying and sending them back is equally important. Same should be done for Rhingya as well.

Only way to Stay Safe is to report their presence and social boycott unless they are deported.

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