April 21, 2019

IMI – The Palestine Problem

The confusion related to the Palestine Problem arises because people see it with different lens. The only lens through which the Palestine Problem is to be viewed is that of the Islamic Lens. The Islamic lens is created by a set of mullahs who seem to have an inner obligation of human subjugation, torture and bigotry. The problem does not end with the mullahs who brainwash large masses but of the masses who seem to have no capability to think on their own and try to see things as they are. The masses are ready to do anything for the sake of mullahs who have shifted the credit worthiness of a act in the name of Allah. Hence the masses of the mullahs are willing to kill people, animals or destroy without any human sensitiveness. The Islamic Mullah Ideology (IMI) has dehumanized humans.

The IMI follows the broad principles:

  • Divide the population into two groups which have to be at war with one another. This part of the IMI ideology is what makes them dear to the modern liberals, communists because the survival of these groups depends on a conflict between two groups.
  • Claim the lands over which a victory was achieved would forever belong to them even though they lose the lands post the victory.
  • Use every means available to discredit, threaten, destroy anything or anyone who criticizes the IMI and here too the more effective a person the more dangerous tools used by the IMI. For a critique of IMI from the pseudo-liberal circuit which is for the consumption of a few is permitted by IMI but real critiques are let off and are usually eliminated unless protected by the government.

The IMI is very clear in their ideology and it is only the other group that is dealing with the IMI are fooling themselves. We do not see anyone talking about the bigotry that is permitted in some states where IMI is ruling the roost while the democratic nations are roasted over the liberal coals. We have not heard a squeak in any of the Islamic nations where hundreds of thousands of Muslims are jailed, killed in Islamic states nor is there is any squeak when a dictatorial-mimicking nation China treats its Muslims. The noises are present only in states that are weak and are in “appease IMI” mode.  The IMI allows the rulers to indulge in luxuries while the people are made to eat grass for the protection from the enemies of IMI.

The IMI is not a local issue but is Pan Global one. Every local IMI is only furthering the IMI agenda without being taken to task for the fear of retaliation. The alleged global police have their own agendas to run. It is this group that has given modern weapons for controlling the oil. Is it not possible for the alleged global police to control the oil wealth in a better way? There were better ways of doing business but the small self interests of the anti-human communities have ensured that the global conflict of ideologies do not stop because the anti-human communities only want a win for themselves and there is no middle ground.

It would be a joke on the alleged global police, that they could destroy nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other but they cannot do the same to other rouge nations. One such nation is Palestine which seems to be under the grip of IMI controlled by religious terrorists doing all their work in the name of their gods. The alleged global police wants to control every nation that became strong and change the geo-political equations. The anti-human community lead nations cannot see that they are rearing more monsters than they could handle and Bharat has been meekly follow the agenda set by its modern ancestors who were more than happy to appease the ISI or make their brain colonizers happy.

For India to come out of the limitations of actions imposed by following the path of these modern ancestors, Indians should have a collective consciousness about a few basic issues. Until this collective consciousness or a common minimum program exists with respect everything only then there will be clarity at the top. Until then the IMI or the Palestine or other similar problems will see no end.

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