May 23, 2019

#ImmigrationBan: Hysteria and Hypocrisy Clouds the Facts

The hysteria over Trump’s immigration ban has shrouded facts and chaos is unleashed in a systemic fashion outside airports. Please thank George Soros, champion of Open Border Policy, for mayhem outside the airports. George did not swing into action in 2011 when Obama halted Iraq refugee program for six months. Obama is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner who is responsible for major bombings in Syria and Yemen which killed thousands and displaced more refugees. Peace died umpteen times during Obama’s regime. Democrats unleash deluge of bombs and block immigration, no one bats an eyelid but when Trump lives true to its campaign promise all hell breaks loose. It’s easy to see that a pattern being followed. Intolerance 3.0? Yes! You got it right! India recent export to US after software services. Credit goes to our liberals and pseudo seculars.

Stephen Miller minced no words when he said, “In a world with 7 billion people, the U.S. has an absolute sovereign right to determine who can and cannot enter the country”. Australia has supported Trump’s strong border policies. Canada has Merkel syndrome right now. Welcoming diversity will prove to be detrimental for Canada when diversity is infested with terrorists masked as war refugees. Germany still has not learnt lessons. German Chancellor Merkel’s Immigration policy is brutally flawed. Terror attacks in Brussels did not prove to be an eye opener for her. She has come down heavily on Trump’s travel ban.

After Meryl Streep’s outburst against Trump at Golden Globe Awards, it was turns of another bunch of actors at Screen Actors Guild Awards to lambast Trump’s ban on immigration, hugely misrepresented as Muslim Ban. Acceptance speeches at these awards have become Trump bashing events. In 2011, acceptance speeches at award ceremonies were dull and insipid thanks to Obama. The actors should thank Trump for spicing up their outbursts.

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