May 23, 2019

#ImmunityAbused : Decoding Da Derek No Brain Code

Is he harebrained? Or Featherbrained? It’s a “No Brainer”: He has lost his quizzing expertise and become a slave to Queen “Didi” and TMC’s despicable politics. Intellect has popped out of his mind. Mr “No Brain” uses his parliamentary immunity and defames an ordinary citizen. What’s more surprising is that he gets inspired by a piece of garbage written by a journalist. Mr Derek has become a “Parliamentary Troll” and demeaned the post of a parliamentarian. Strip him off his parliamentary immunity and challenge him to a verbal duel with Rahul Raj. Mr Derek would need to gulp gallons of Bournvita to stand up to the truth.

India has become intolerant. Tweets have disturbed parliamentarian more than violence and bloodshed in West Bengal. You know what’s going wrong with the country when parliamentarian discussed tweets and Twitter users discuss policy and governance. Mr “No Brain” claims that Rahul Raj’s account was suspended by Twitter and he was invited to meet PM Modi. A plain falsehood (exploiting Parliamentary Immunity to the hilt). Extreme bullying has led to Rahul’s exit from social media for time being and he has vowed to come back stronger. Will parliamentarians be allowed to get away with falsehood in the name of immunity? Shouldn’t this be changed or challenged? With parliamentarians like Mr No Brain, it becomes all the more urgent to bring in an amendment so that immunity is not abused and individual liberty is protected at all cost. Smriti Irani gave a fitting reply and demanded that name of Rahul Raj be expunged from the records.TMC has become synonymous with hooliganism in and off the parliament. When Swapan Dasgupta rose to speak about police violence on school students demanding Saraswati Pujo in West Bengal, he was not allowed to speak.

Killings in Kerala and subjugation of Hindus in West Bengal needs to be highlighted by parliamentarians of the ruling party. We all need to stand up for the right to free speech. The hypocritical grandstanding of opposition stands exposed again. For them “Free Speech” is prerogative of JNU Liberals and Naxal Sympathizers. Users of Social Media have been gagged by the ones who enjoy privilege and immunity. We need to challenge the status quo.

Picture Credit: Rajya Sabha TV


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