April 20, 2019

In 2019 BJP should be careful with their Marketing Communication

Please dont take middle class for granted.

#Budget2018 has once again divided the RWs at least on the surface. Its all about whether middle class is right in questioning the government or not. To get a crisp reply to this question we need to go back to 2014 BJP campaign.

This is not about assuming this is about a perception created by BJP. Few very sensitive issues that were discussed by BJP leaders including NaMo includes A to Z scams, jobs, black money, Pakistan and condition of poor.

All this was summed up by a Tag Line “Achhe Din Aane wale Hain” and “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.

So who created this tag line, who approved and who used officially? Obviously it is BJP. Someone will have to take the blame for creating a marketing communication that was aimed at a TG that includes middle class. Add to this while in opposition whatever concerns were raised by BJP leaders including current FM left a lasting impression on the minds and expectation of middle class.

The government and Right Wingers who are agitated with the middle class on not behaving maturely need to understand one aspect of the voters. Ones who are largely on Twitter and expressed concern on no IT relief to middle class are speaking on behalf of the middle class who are not on Twitter but are consuming content on WhatsApp group day in day out that is Anti Modi. The concerned RWs are the ones who highlighted the areas of improvement in GST. They were told that these are teething problem and business community need to cooperate with the government. Then came a time when NaMo himself expressed concern and accepted that the concerns of the business community would be attended to. What is the need to shield NaMo or his government like the way AAP and Congress does. We are not paid bots like others. We express our concerns with logic and the same has to be respected.

NaMo has never claimed he is a flawless leader or PM. He has never sought revenge on anyone. He is open to criticism and correction. Then why treat him and his governments decision the way congress and other political parties do?

Is this a serious issue of PERCEPTION? No. 

The marketing communication and public speech by all political leaders were revolving around the tag line ……… wale hain. So what has changed between then and now? This is best left to BJP top brass to explain. Blaming the vocal middle class supporters will not help.

The government is having best of the brains and best of the execution team. Nothing is impossible.


Next few links and screen shots are self explanatory.

Suppressing the vocal RWs here on social media will not help. They will never fight. They are doing this to ensure BJP comes back with enhanced seats in 2019. What will politically correct RWs and BJP do to the content on whatsapp groups, close discussions in office canteen and at tea shops.

The thought process of middle class is totally different. They never read between the lines. They are an emotional lot and believe what is told. The person who made demand of IT slab to be raised to INR 5 lacs is now FM. Jobs for them is government jobs not business from Mudra Loans.

NaMO wanted his MPs to give update on their banking transaction after the demonetization was over. I don’t recollect any MP other than Shri Pratap Simha.

What is the need to revise salaries of the MP and MLA when middle class can’t be given the same. Legislatures who are into business and show steep rise in movable and immovable assets show not be given a single rupee. They have come for Desh Seva. Please do Desh Seva. This appears like some labors sitting on floor with folded hands in front of a Union leader for a resolution to months long strike. They have not had proper meals, family life disturbed but the Union leader having a lavish meal while talking to them.

No one in middle class is unhappy with the benefits given to the deserving ones. The displeasure is on the shock.

BJP will win 2019 without doubt. They know law abiding citizens will not vote for congress. But this is not a good sign. They should not forget time changes very fast. BJP is a political party and not a private company who sells their product and service with Conditions Apply. But having let down the Middle Class, now in 2019 Manifesto they need to very clearly write features, advantages, benefits to whatever they wish to give to Middle Class.

Will conclude my message with one tweet of Book Keeper, one WhatsApp message doing rounds and  one print ad of BJP during Maharashtra state election.

Not all toll are removed, whatever are removed are after long wait. Would have been better if Conditions Apply was added in the ad.

For once the name NaMo has drawn maximum support, maximum personal involvement and maximum of everything BJP can’t even imagine. 2019 middle class will vote but eyes keep searching for someone who would not try to shame them but for a party / leader that would respect them.

2024 will be an year to watch out for.

Picture Credit: Laughing Jawan , An Extra Mile – Blogspot , Twitter links, screenshot from Twitter and WhatsApp


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