May 24, 2019

In Modi’s Rally

On 01/05/2018 Modi had come to Udupi as the Star Campaigner for the BJP. He had sought votes for the party so as to make BSY as the CM and promised to work for the improvement of the state. Modi had called out the failed governance model of Congress and asked the people to fulfill Gandhi’s dream of Congress Mukt Bharat. The ground was full of BJP supporters with elaborate arrangement to take care of the people who would attend the rally. The meeting ended well and people walked out happily in the hope that “Sarkara Badalisi, BJP gellisi”. (Change the government, Ensure BJP victory”).

All this did not matter but what mattered was the helplessness of the BJP volunteers against the most intolerant and elitist minded people of this country at the venue – The Press and Media People. The Press people had some shameful conduct in the rally. Sitting behind the press and media people, I got to witness the behavior of the elitist minded press against the common citizens and wondered how thick skinned the prestitutes are in the real world. The press people I have seen today cared little for the people and had put one of their worst public behaviors bordering on intolerance.

The incident started with one elderly press reporter coming to the venue to take a seat dedicated for the people of his kind. Having come late to the venue, common citizens have taken up the empty chairs. Under the hot sun, people were waiting for Modi and this elite gentleman makes a fuss about the chair that was supposed to be kept reserved for people of his kind. Another guy was holding an umbrella to him as if he is a god or something. However mighty one might be, an individual can carry his own umbrella and these are the same prestitutes who would write about Modi and his suit boot ki sarkar.

The BJP volunteers pacified this elitist press member and vacated the citizens who had come to the rally and provided him the chair. The vacated citizens were provided chairs so that they could see the proceedings. As we hoped that things settled down, people began to get more fussy about some old women holding umbrella to protect themselves from the blazing hot May sun. It was the case of old women among the citizens and a elitist minded presititutes holding an umbrella. With repeated booing from the public, the old ladies closed the umbrella so that the people could see the stage but the elitist prestitutes never folded the umbrella inspite of several requests from several individuals and booing from the citizens.

With a small shouting match and booing from public and talks, the gentleman and his sidekick folded the umbrella but one lady kept the umbrella open obstructing the view of several people. Even though there was nothing going on the stage, people wanted to see the speaker who ever it might be. A few young ladies walked up to this elitist lady prestitute and got into heated argument. Other prestitutes quickly ganged against the young citizens and the noise levels increased quite a bit. The helpless BJP volunteers calmed down the ladies and the elitist lady prestitute. The volunteers promised the citizens that the lady prestitute would close the umbrella only when Modi arrives. She had her way in the end.

Seeing these events unfold infront of my own eyes I realized the power of media. They are very thick skinned and would not cede an inch with Hindus. Had it been a rally of some other groupings, even if the prestitutes are molested or heckled they would shut up their mouths and minds but since the citizens in the rally were largely Hindus, the prestitutes did not care one bit for the common citizens who have come to the venue. The BJP then claims to be the party of governance when it is scared of the prestitutes from media that abuses it all the time with fake news, twisted news. The only good thing the BJP did was to not provide any shade to the press people and made them to sit in the hot sun just like common citizens.

Most of the others media people sat in the sun just like the thousand others but for the two elitist minded prestitutes and a few of their friends it is a shame on their public behavior. Respecting the sentiments of Hindus is the last thing in the minds of a few prestitutes.

Picture Credit: @narendramodi 


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