April 19, 2019

Indecent Diggy

Digvijaya Singh is a prominent Congress politician and presently a Member of Rajya Sabha. He is also the current General Secretary of ‘All India Congress Committee’. The former two time Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is a senior Leader with considerable clout in the Party .

A man not new to controversies had taken a sabbatical to rejuvenate.  A young and exacting wife and a young and demanding Vice-President of his Party obviously drain his ageing resources badly , hence the need to recharge batteries periodically .

His latest controversial statement heralds the news that his batteries are fully charged . The statement also indicates that the rejuvenation process might have galvanised his body but might have just stopped short of ameliorating his decaying brain cells . Because he continues to remain his old sarcastic self , and his diatribe is as profane and scurrilous as it ever was .

MODI has been called names , he has been the butt of many jokes , choice expletives have been hurled at him , gory deeds have been attributed to him . If you go by the opinion of his detractors he is the baddest of the bad in the political arena , and they don’t mince words saying so .

But to use the word ‘Ch*&iya’ is indecent even by their standards . Some lowly troll using such language could have been grudgingly accepted and ignored but when such words are uttered by senior party functionaries, then it indicates that the opposition has reached a point where it’s incapable of fighting electoral battles on battlefields and win, hence has chosen to fight from the gutters.

The tactic is to provoke and conflagrated a situation with extreme words and actions and then wait for the other side to retaliate and then blame it on Intolerance of the Right Wing . The Lutyen Media will do the rest . Time tested modus operandi of the Congress.

The words of Digvijay Singh will come back to haunt him just the way Sonia’s words – Maut ka Saudagar – came back to bedevil her and literally wiped the Congress into extinction.

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