April 21, 2019

#InDeepShit : Flirting With The Enemy

Pakistan has made seven ceasefire violations in the last 36 hours and have summoned Indian envoy to play the victim card. Unprovoked firing continues in Nowshera sector and uncontrolled paranoia of political leaders like Karat and Sandeep Dikshit emboldens the enemy. Sandeep’s disparaging comment about chief of army staff deserve punitive action. He just can’t get away by rendering an apology. This fad of demeaning the army needs to be dealt with a heavy hand.

Army’s crackdown on infiltration and elimination of terrorists has rattled proxies on the Indian side. This explains intermittent outbursts by some of our political leaders.  What Pakistan proxies do not realize is that they are dealing with a different dispensation altogether. It’s no longer “An Accidental Prime Minister” but a man with a steely resolve.

Leaders like Sandeep are just obeying the high command. His comments have been lapped up folks across the border. In an atmosphere charged with nationalism, comments from leaders like Sandeep will hurt the party he represents more than the collective might of the army. After failure of Mandsaur, Dikshit’s comments will surely put the party in deep mess.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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