May 24, 2019

India Vote at UN and the outrage of the Twitteratti

Yesterday was an Outrage Filled day on twitter-started with Narendra Modi Bashing at a judgement Aquitting 2G Scam accused delivered by SC appointed Judge OP Saini,SC appointed Special public Prosecutor Anand Grover responsible for Prosecution of the accused. As this outrage was Peaking news came in of India Voting Yes in an UNGC resolution against Israel and US. All outrage broke loose again on twitter with Modi being accused and bashed once again .

I do not claim to be an expert in external affairs, I will just put my views as an ordinary citizen who reads tweets of various Ministers esp MJ Akbar and MoS on their visits and various treaties MOUs etc. So what was this Vote about?

Israel and Palestine have been flash points since decades. India’s long held stand as was USA stand too, was the resolution that the resolution of this is via a two state formula for Israel and Palestine with West Jerusalem going to Israel and East Jerusalem going to Palestine. In 1967 Israel attacked Jerusalem and occupied the whole Holy city- but UN resolution continued with the 2 State Formula.

What changed suddenly ? Trump in pursuance of Domestic Election promises Changed US foreign Policy and recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital on 6 December 2017. This caused a lot of International Upheaval and bought into question the hither clandestine ( though known to all) Israel -Saudi alliance .

On Monday 18 December India had voted Yes along with Majority in UNSC on an Egypt Sponsored Resolution to not let Status of East Jerusalem change/ allow Israel to have rights in East Jerusalem . This was vetoed by USA. USA further proclaimed its decision to shift its Embassy to Jerusalem.This prompted a resolution to oppose Declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital being bought in UN General Council without naming USA and with Resolution being Non Binding , 128 countries voted for the resolution while 9 opposed. Major NATO allies of USA too supported the Resolution .India too supported the resolution in pursuance of its long standing position.

So why are we outraging? We are by no means going anti Israel-Israel is still our good friend. Our Alliance with US is still a work in progress with QUAD still shaping up. The thorns with US is it’s Aid to Pakistan that still continues inspite of USA calling out terror activities. Another Thorn with USA is its stand on Iran. Just a couple of days back USA has designated Iran as a terror enemy state at par with North Korea-while India has a very Important relation with Iran esp with regard to the Chabhar Port being developed as a counter weight to Gwadar Port given by Pakistan to China in CPEC. Just recently we sent Wheat supplies to Afghanistan via Chabhar port and road route via Iran. Afghanistan is emerging as an ally in Indo Pak region esp with regard to Pak sponsored terror. Bangladesh too is emerging as our ally in the East with our access to North East being Via Bangladesh . In the Indian Ocean Indonesia is emerging as our Ally in IOR and look east policy . In Middle East UAE is fast emerging as a staunch ally. Our MoS state MJ Akbar is building bridges with the central Asian nations like Kazakhstan, Mangolia, Uzbekasthan etc . Many of these nations were co sponsors or supporters of UN resolution.

As a citizen I feel our Nation should pursue a foreign policy which caters to India first and balances the three centres of power-China, US and Russia for our Good. Trump made a unilateral decision ; India is an independent Nation and does not have to Tow the line of USA. There will always be pulls and pushes in international relations, between domestic pressures and global ones. H1B visas is a recent example. Also the blocking of Funding for NGOs who received funds for evangelical activities from US church belt is another sore point.

Keeping all the above in mind I beg to differ from the ‘experts’ bashing Modi on the UN Vote. Names of Countries that Supported, abstained, rejected the UN resolution  Explains a lot of Geo politics.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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