May 19, 2019


India has had a number of Prime Ministers. Some were genuinely elected, some were accidental and some were thrusted upon India. India being a strong and a vibrant democracy accepted them all and gave its verdict during next elections.

Jawahar Lal Nehru… Kashmir….China (1962) Gandhis won’t allow him to be forgotten. It’s about very survival of congress.

Gulzari Lal Nanda… Only one who was sworn in three times. Neither congress nor history has been kind to him. He has been forgotten.

Indira Gandhi…Of Emergency  fame. Millions of Rs from taxpayer’s money has been spent on her death and birth anniversary to keep her alive… Gandhis won’t ever allow her to be forgotten.

Morarji Bhai Desai… He might be remembered with reference to his son Kanti Bhai. He has been forgotten.

Lal Bahadur Shatri…He was considered to be the most honest PM India ever had. He will always be remembered for his decision and Military victory over Pakistan. Allegedly, he died in debts. He has been forgotten.

Rajeev Gandhi…Shah Bano, 1984, Bofors and coterie.… Gandhis won’t allow him to be forgotten since Sonia is identified with Rajeev. Millions of tax payer’s money has been spent on his birth and death anniversary. Gandhis and Sonia can survive politically only with his name tag.

V P Singh… He is assumed to be a product of false propaganda. He has been forgotten.

P V Narsimhan Roa …Man who steered economic reforms though Man Mohan Singh got the credit and India prospered. Even his dead body (non Gandhi) was not allowed to be brought and kept in congress office is a separate issue…He has been forgotten.

I K Gujral… He just filled in the seat temporarily…He was never remembered. He has been forgotten.

H S Devegowda….Don’t ask, Devegowda who? He has been forgotten.

Chandrashekhar.. It was an easy entry and an exit. He has been forgotten.

Man Mohan Singh…. What can I say….Will History remember him? May be only for scams during his rule? He himself might like to be forgotten.

Narendra Damodardas Modi…Wait and watch .A nationalist with a mission. Will never be forgotten

India has had all these great men and woman as PMs. But ,Bharat Ratna has been awarded only to Nehru- Gandhi family by Nehru –Gandhi itself. It sounds so convenient. It would appear all other PMs were not worthy of Bharat Ratna.


Writer is Shri BK Chowla Twitter: @bchowla

Credit: Social Media for Pic