May 21, 2019

Indians Should be worried about Schools

In Bharat apart from the government there is a certain community that runs a very large number of schools. But this community does not do any service with their pathetic quality of infrastructure which does not confirm to the norms set by the government for the education sector. This community has virtually used every tool at its disposal to make the governments and intellectuals bend in front of it to ensure that certain other communities are pushed out of the basic education space. The most important identity of this community is that it is globalized in nature and that it has a history of crime against nature in general and children, humans in particular. World over the religious leaders of this community are paying compensation to the victims of their excesses.

In Bharat the education has become the most important like skill which has to be obtained and the blind belief of parents that some schools are great in disciplining is more sinister of all urban myths. The number of children who are victims of these community leaders is really mind boggling. But this issue never bothers the parents of children going to schools run by this particular community. Most likely the parents are pressurized to not go against the school because of the artificial scarcity of seats in the alleged quality education sector. The decent schools run by certain other communities are being closed down based on the compliance issues while some schools are given doles out of public money. In a nation as ours with scarce resources, certain public funded institutions give ghanta in the management space to the government and the poor are not given any benefits.

What must bother everyone is the silence of the parents of the Indians who donot squeak even a tiny bit when the evidences are exploding on the face of the people. Indians donot seem to be bothered about the security of their own children going to schools of a particular community. Nobody knows the real number of people abused in the schools but there are repeated instances of children dying in mysterious circumstances in the schools of particular community. The Indians are not bothered and the parents of these children are the only ones who might know the truth but are probably silenced using various tools. The power of these schools comes from the religion and an example was set when our PM was lectured by a representative of this community about tolerance. This must be the most bizarre instance in the international diplomacy where in a head of an alien state visits Bharat and lectures about tolerance and yet the PM of Bharat had to remain silent just like the countless children and parents suffering at the hands of the leaders of this community.

The leaders of this community use every opportunity to show off their power and make it clear to all that their community can do all the crimes on humanity and yet have the gall to claim being the victim. If there is any truth in this article then the community must feel ashamed of itself and not try to cast aspersion on the tolerance of the people of Bharat. The children of Bharat are under their custody and the government is more than happy to further the agenda of certain community and we know why the government cannot do anything because our PM has submitted to the intolerance of this community. The identity of the community is obvious but naming is not even worth it because there is nothing sacred about the works of this community which has destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent children, adults and the nature. Those who have the right to raise doubts about the misdeeds about his community and its schools are silent while the leaders of this community always cast aspersions on the people of Bharat.

Bharat is a tolerant nation and a particular community must keep their intolerant bigotry to themselves. The leaders of this particular community take random events or crimes and then make exaggerated claims about intolerance only to cover up their crimes. The trend continues due to the global power structures that exist and Bharat has to work towards protecting itself. People of Bharat should really be concerned about the safety of its children.


Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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