May 24, 2019

Indira Jaisingh’s sense of Entitlement! Don’t question me for my Crimes!



Why Is Indira Jaisingh wailing in public? sense of entitlement! Don’t question me for my crimes! I am a congress protectee. We just have to concede and give credit to congress party for thoroughly messing up with India and Indian minds, be it secularism, business, religion, community, politics or even entrepreneurship, we in India have imbibed corruption so deeply as if it’s the only route to salvation. Corruption is at par spiritualism. Anyone accused of corruption, becomes a hermit in a Nano second. Instead of accepting wrong doing and submitting to due  process of law, reflex action is to play victim abuse Prime Minister of India  Narendra Modi, hey fellas, It’s not NaMo who made you drink from the cup of corruption, he is fighting corruption by attacking him, you confirm your guilt in public domain, judiciary is not immune to this phenomenon, congress has ensured an all pervasive environment  of corruption in India; past decade has out shone the preceding five decade of congress corruption.  Misuse or amassing money is not the one form of corruption, there are many different forms methods and forms of corruption. Distorting the concept of secularism is also corruption, the ease with which it has been achieved is something to marvel about, maybe it should be submitted to some business school for a case study and also also involve a group of psychiatrists to study the psyche of congress party.

Indira Jaisingh is accused of accepting monies from other sources while on government payroll, not serving the courts in India  ethically while being an officer of the court are serious issue and cannot be deflected by hurling abuse at the current government & Prime Minister , playing victim by invoking extenous event of a book launch, public is aware inquiries take time, nothing happens overnight.So spare us you croc tears and contrived rage. You may impress like minded crooks but not the public at large, Indira jaising can bark as loudly as her vocal cords permit. Facts don’t shift due to barks, legal process is tedious and time consuming conserve your energy, you are going to need every ounce of it going forward.

Why is Indira Jaisingh in the wrong?

Attempting to use a book launch as a figleaf for governmental action.

Inquiry does not happen overnight it ‘s a long drawn process.

Rule of law is very much in place and being followed.

Not following the law as prescribed is a breach of law.

She is not above the law.

No vindictiveness or witch hunt as being insinuated is evident.

Legal remedy is available to Indira Jaisingh.





CREDIT  to Ms Rupa Subramanya for posting the tweet which have been used in this article wiki for photo of Indira Jaisingh.

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