May 23, 2019

Infidelity Thy Name Is Kejriwal

Manish Sisodia has told voters of Punjab to exercise their franchise assuming Kejriwal will be the Chief Minister of Punjab. His statement has lent credence to the fact that Kejriwal is just bidding his time in Delhi. Let’s have a look at “The Curious Case of Kejriwal”. He is one of those guys who thinks about a startup idea in the morning, by afternoon ditches it for a corporate job and by evening joins “National School of Drama”. Delhi would be ditched for Punjab. Yugpurush became Chief Minister of Delhi in 2013. In 2014, he went to Varanasi to become PM. In 2017, he is eyeing Punjab. Infidelity is his middle name and job hopping has been his forte. Now the important question is: Will he bag the job in Punjab? Opposition parties have got enough ammunition to target AAP. They are going to play the “Outsider” tag to the maximum. Kejriwal’s “Runaway Bride” image refuses to fade away. Remember, he went to Varanasi with five hundred rupees in his pocket to fight against Modi and promised people of Varanasi that he won’t leave them. He left them for Delhi. This time “Runaway Bride” will have a tough time getting hitched in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann has been nursing Chief Ministerial ambitions. Punjab elections will bring forth another drama to the forefront. “The Broom War” – the war for CM post in Punjab. Boredom has crept in after staged “Cycle” drama. AAP won’t disappoint. Just hold your breath for AAP’s theatrical release.

How would AAP ensure victory in Punjab? Any guesses? Taking hint from “Udta Punjab” we would see more of shoes being hurled. Ink thrown. Please do not expect “Ink” to the thrown at Ashutosh. How would you identify the color of the ink? Imagination running wild? “The Bald and Beautiful” Sisodia is always the front runner for ink attacks. The “Ink” reflects well on his bald head. Kumar Vishwas has been denied “Poetic Justice” all the time. We might see some scripted attacks on him as well. The audience needs a break from the usual routine of Kejriwal and Sisodia being attacked with ink and shoes. “Slapgate” is missing from quite some time in AAP’s script. Why not blame the scriptwriter? Anurag Kashyap! Are you listening? Your scripts are getting stale and mundane. It’s time to bring in some originality. The stakes are high in Punjab elections. Bhagwant Mann is the anti – drug hero. The new script might revolve around his efforts to make Punjab drug free. Mann would consume all drugs himself to make Punjab drug free.

Would voters of Punjab love AAP’s script? The storyline does not sound promising. Delhi’s governance is out there for everyone to see. The Mufflerman will not have things going easy this time around. I hope he would grace Bengaluru after Punjab and Goa elections for Naturopathy. After spewing venom in election campaign, he would need “Detoxification”. Karnataka government would welcome more revenue to install CCTV camera in the city. Medical tourism is always welcome.


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