May 19, 2019

Insanely Simple: Dynamics of Apple’s New found Love for India

The “Degree” to which Apple has done  a “U” turn from arrogance to  wooing India would prompt Shri Kejriwal to seek authenticity of Tim Cook’s “Degrees”.

Apple has always looked at India from marketing and sales perspective.  A slowing China growth story has been the underlying  cause of strategic shift towards India.  With an eye towards India’s robust developer community ,  Cook’s move to set up  Maps Development Centre at Hyderabad and “Accelerator” at Bangalore does not come as a surprise.

However, no official figures were made public by Apple regarding the investments in these two centers. On the contrary, Apple made a billion dollar investment in China ride hailing app “Didi Chuxing”. Apple’s push towards bringing in refurbished phones has not been given a go ahead. In Apple parlance, these so called refurbished phones are “ Pre Owned Certified Phones” and come with guarantee. Apple is looking to push its sales up through these phones. For a price sensitive market like India, Apple should revisit its price points while pricing for emerging markets. Selling refurbished phones would not be a good move. Scaling up the Foxconn factories in India to use components for the iPhone can bring down some price and eventually drive up sales in the longer run. Its time for Cook to Make In India as Lenovo has already started doing it.

Tim Cook met with leading  Indian bankers to understand to understand Mobile Payments and explore the feasibility of Apple Pay .  Since Apple’s market penetration is quite low in India, unless more people have access to iPhone, Apple Pay would just end up being elitist and apps like Paytm would rule the roost.  Most of the apps on Apple ecosystem do not work in India (e.g. Spotify, Passbook etc). Apple should direct its energies towards bringing them to India .

Apple being a California company has not been all ears to Indian sensibilities and needs when it comes to Advertising. There is still a huge disconnect. You would see Neil Patrick Harris demonstrating utility of using Siri in the recent Apple ads. In order to appeal to Indian folks, using Indian luminaries would not be a bad idea.

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