February 19, 2019

Irresponsibly Yours : NGT

_20170420_141447 NGT is acting more like a Green Eyed Monster than an environmental watchdog.  It’s interested in whipping up media frenzy and defaming AOL. IMG_20170420_142851 The fact that NGT has rejected to furnish details about 5Cr utilization speaks about its non serious approach. AOL has a glorious history of river rejuvenation. _20170420_144046 Playing up the responsibility rigmarole will expose the shallowness of NGT. Needless to say, truth will prevail _20170420_144749 NGT’s inconsistencies are so glaring that it might put AAP’s internal Lokpal to shame. _20170420_145200 NGT needs to do away with Art of Arrogance. The tribunal is just a vestigial organ of UPA regime and should be scrapped like Planning Commission. _20170420_164202 Through Jal Jagruti Abhiyan, initiated by AOL in 2013, 21 rivers have been rejuvenated in Maharashtra; 3 in Karnataka and 1 in Tamil Nadu. Kumudvathi River Rejuvenation Project(Karnataka) was initiated in February 2013. At a time when states all over India are facing water crisis, AOL’s work in rejuvenation of water bodies should be hailed and replicated. Unfotunately, NGT has scant regard of ground realities and looming water crisis. NGT’s activism is absent when lakes are dying in Bengaluru. They have suddenly woken up to Bellandur Lake’s frothing menace and have ordered industries to be shut. Lakes like Ulsoor still have not caught attention of NGT. IMG_20170420_195225 A petition seeking abolition of NGT is needed to get rid of perils of extra judicial watchdog.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter


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