April 19, 2019

Is Accepting defeat with Grace Difficult?

Where a win is facile and a defeat glorious.

I remember the school days when the class topper missing out on a cent-per-cent was scolded by the teachers , and a boy who always struggled with studies , who for once , happened to get a decent score being applauded .

We all knew that the applause was to encourage a poor performer and the harsh words to prevent the topper from complacence . But , for the struggler to assume that he is the new topper is stretching the imagination a bit too far .

The Congress , it’s supporters , the Opposition and the anti-BJP troll army are all behaving as if it is the end of Modi & BJP . For them , the Rahul era has begun .

Correct me if I am wrong , BJP under Modi is not an impregnable fortress . After Modi took over , the BJP lost in Bihar , Delhi and Punjab . But what is particularly interesting is the fact that nowhere has the BJP lost its vote share . In Gujarat , the vote share has gone up in comparison to 2012 . The bottom-line is that the BJP’s support-base remains intact. Ominous if I were Congress . I am sure , behind the bravado the Congress must be feeling helpless , at wits-end unable to decipher the Modi magic that continues to cast it’s spell across India.

The sycophancy of sycophants is there for all to see on almost all media platforms , be it print , TV and social network . Like a placebo that psychologically helps to reassure oneself that ‘all is well’ , when in reality things are far from a hunky-dory scenario , the Congress and it’s cronies are patting their backs , exchanging congratulatory messages and celebrating a huge loss in Himachal and a loss , no less , in Gujarat .

Going ahead , EVM tampering will take centre-stage . The anti-BJP grouping comprising of the Congress , Communists , and the likes of Kejriwal , Mamata , Akhilesh and others will undermine a standalone electronic machine . They have already cast aspersions on Chief Election Commission , the independent body will be subjected to further slander . All in an effort to mask their repeated electoral losses , and in the same vein deny the BJP & Modi a richly deserved praise for a string of wins.

That Democracy is alive and kicking in India was again reinforced in Gujarat . The unpredictability of the electorate keeps the government on its toes and simultaneously doesn’t allow the opposition to lose hope underscoring the vibrance of democracy . But , the repeated assaults on constitutional bodies is a dangerous trend that has to be prevented from invading and destroying the effervescence of our Democracy – a responsible task for everyone of us.

Accepting defeat with grace . Assume responsibility for a debacle .Sitting down to introspect . And pledging to work with the winners for the betterment of the citizens and the country are the ethical traits of a responsible opposition , but sadly in today’s politics , the loser struts around like a winner with a rapacious group of cronies heaping praise for a victory he never won .



Picture Credit:Screen shot of Times Now from Twitter,  Rajya Sabha TV  


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