May 19, 2019

“Is BJP contradicting itself on implementation of Law for Common and Powerful”

Can we ask petty criminals to apologize and move on in life?

Modi Sarkaar has done enough to keep law and order under control right from the time it has come to power but a lot  yet remain to be done. I know some RW may not like this type of article but as always I am not here to please anyone. I am here to place facts for interested people to consume.

UP was a gone case and thanks to real hard work and excellent strategy by PM Modi and Amit Shah. 2019 is assured and as I see events unfolding BJP is here to stay for another three terms unless they do something really stupid. But this doesn’t mean that theycan ignore one major issue i.e. single treatment by law for all. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas will remain a mere slogan if citizens are not treated alike. BJP is duty bound to respect the philosophy of great Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. “Ek Desh main Do Vidhan Do Pradhan aur Do Nishan Nahin Chalenge”.

No matter what the political compulsions are citizens believe what they see is being practiced. Hindus are picked up for smallest of the crime but Muslims are protected by Suraksha Kavach of Secularism. Let us take few sample cases.

What has the government done on this. Why is the court silent?


Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 (2)


What has the government done on this. On one side we have intelligence agency picking up boys for joining ISIS. Here we see an open case to be handled. Why should our security forces become easy fodder for such anti India people. If that was not enough out of turn job is given to buy peace.

Screenshot_2016-08-10-18-20-08 Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-51-29



For every thing that is associated with HINDUS a judgement is given but when it comes to Muslims the treatment is different.



Though the government has taken considerable number of steps to bring NGOs under control but conversion is still happening rampantly.



Hindu bashing is favorite time pass of many in Media. Thanks to PM and now CM of UP that hindus are feeling confident to practice their religion the way they want. But for West Bengal and Kerala there is still a long wait.



News anchors like Rahul can never be understood. God knows how he shares the same space with Gaurav Sawant.



Print media keeps giving their contribution as well. What does the law and government do?



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We have taken enough of gyaan from the government and judiciary. Now it’s time we are shown the courage to implement the law for all. People work for the party and support as overall the work that is being done is superb. But if the government is really keen to achieve Perfection than it has to arrest people, just the way Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested in UP. How can an MP get away with an apology? Judiciary and Modi Sarkar has to think about the employee who was hit by Chappal. Think about the family of the employee. Think about the motivation of the aviation industry. For just abusing people have been arrested in flight.

Grievance redressal can’t be cosmetic it should be in spirit. As the Hon. President also has said “We must not tolerate inefficiency, shabbiness and poor quality work”. With what authority will the crew stop another passenger in future who would break the law?

Where is Right to Equality?

Screenshot_2016-08-14-12-40-41Yes citizens wants to assist the government Mr. Goyal. But how and with what expectations? Please explain to us. We need IMG_20160728_172100_205enlightenment from the government and the judiciary as well. Development is never going to be answer to all issues. Development will cover a large portion of the canvas but the edges shall remain uncovered if high and mighty are not treated the way poor is treated.

Close to 70% people in prisons are there just because they can’t furnish petty amount for bail. Why don’t we ask these poor people to apologize and move on in life. Law makers can’t be law breakers.

Please for heaven sake  think about those people and families. No matter what mile stone the BJP government achieves, it shall remain incomplete if this dual treatment by law is not stopped.

Nation is watching and real tribute to Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee would be treating all alike.

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