April 23, 2019

Is Col. Purohit the first victim of UPA?

Government are formed to achieve certain milestone in their political career.  One satisfied his ego by forcefully getting into power and let the nation divide and they left a cancer like situation in Kashmir, another lost his life as he was too nationalist and had to pay the ultimate price of his life, postmortem report unknown till date. Next in line was so glued to power that she imposed emergency and changed important part of the constitution. We are still paying price of being forcefully converted SECULAR.

Genesis of dirty games to come to power resulted in She being the first PM being assassinated. The nation thought it was over but it claimed one more life and one more  from same family. Power is poison said the Prince. Ten years of UPA changed the way politics was done and played. What the first three PM from this family did was the use of government machinery to get what they wanted. This time the experience was available and game was different.

MMS as PM was the face but a power centre in the name of NAC headed by Sonia Gandhi was running the show. The best of the brains, like the toppers in UPSC will fail if they are asked to list down all the scams of this UPA era. That was not all. The hunger was for too many things. Money can buy many things but not all.

Madam cried after Batla encounter but Madam was in full mood to pass one sided Communal Violence Bill. Madam had to fix HINDUS and the term Saffron Terror coined.

If you thought Col. Purohit was the first victim, then you are badly mistaken.

Sharing few links so you, the readers judge for yourself.

Is Col. Purohit the first victim of UPA? This case seems to be a test case. A lot of answering has to be done from all involved in UPA tenure.

Do share your views. Your inputs shall go a long way.

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