November 19, 2018

Is Development good enough to Win UP and 2019

The reason why turn out of voters was exceptionally high in 2014 general election was that people were frustrated with years of Congress rule full of:

  1. A to Z Scams,
  2. Arrogance,
  3. Anti Hindu Agenda,
  4. Minority Appeasement,
  5. Free hand to news traders,
  6. Select few enjoying power,
  7. Common person kept at bay, List is endless. 

When NaMo gave the slogan Congress Mukt Bharat, the nation responded because they thought NaMo has proved his credentials for 15 years in Gujrat and it would not be difficult for him to do all this as he is a professionally managed politician. He loves deadlines, discipline and once he gives commitment, the job is done.

With regard to NaMo development agenda, image of Indians across the globe, his foreign policy, etc there is little or no scope to find fault. But when it comes to Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas there is hardly any difference in pre 2014 and post 2014 era. Hindus are at receiving end.

NaMo should bring in three more amendment in the constitution and I don’t think anyone will oppose.

(1) There will be two set of laws. One for the high and mighty including news traders and Teesta kind NGO, where nothing will happen to them even when they are openly talking about breaking the nation. And other law for the ordinary citizen who is picked up at 2 am in the morning over a petty FIR filed by a neighbour.

(2) Second amendment should be for 100% reservation for all the people who hit the road and various political parties keep pushing some quota or the other. At least citizen of general caste will not expect anything from government. All such politician should necessarily take treatment from government hospitals only. All employee be it car driver or pilot for helicopter should be from reserved caste only.

(3) Third amendment should be officially appeasing minority community. General category citizens will have no say in personal life, the way they practice and celebrate their religion and festivals. All general category citizens will be slave to minority. By doing so we will accept ill treatment by government as a rule rather than balancing act for vote bank politics.

NaMo has asked for 60 months it is there at his disposal. No one can take it away. I have a question. At the end of 55 months the picture would be clear. What if tangible results are not seen what do we do? Many will be of the opinion that BJP should not be given second chance. I would disagree with them. That doesn’t solve the problem.

Let us go in flashback.  Shri Vajpayeeji had an excellent tenure. His problem was that after giving a financial turn around to the nation he spoke about India Shining for subsequent election. It boomeranged. For 2014 Advaniji name was almost done. It was people and people on social media who created the pressure and finally NaMo was nominated as PM candidate.

Coming back to 55 months performance. If tangible results are not achieved then what? We need to be ready with an alternate name.

Can it be Dr. Swamy? Yes / No

Why did we go for NaMo? Apart from performance driven leader, Hindus had high expectation from him. But NaMo has failed the litmus test.

Be it UP, Bihar, West Bengal or Kerala. Hindus are killed like worms.  Judiciary has been too cautious with minority festivals and the way they are practiced. But too quick on matters related to Hindus. Same with NGOs. Lastly let us not talk about NGOs and arm chair activists.

Let us check some facts now.



I don’t know when a media company keeps giving such treatment, why you have to give interview to their channel. Why not Doordarshan?

Voters will reply in UP election and in 2019. Till then NaMo has to ensure he controls his ministers, improves media management, give one good reason for Hindus to live with equal respect the way minorities live. Such high handed approach has cost the congress dearly.



It is crime to be a general category citizens. You perform yet you are supposed to crawl.



Though boring but very important to revisit media role.









We have few celebrity openly making fun of Hindu religion and talking about intolerance. When they land in trouble, entire government machinery gets active.


Then we have some inhouse competition.


And this journalist needs some treatment from the agency itself.


What has BJP done in UP? Kamlesh Tiwari is behind bar and Azam Khan is still enjoying his freedom of speech. How do you and how long as a party you expect people to talk facts when you can’t support them.


BJP expects social media to fight it’s war. But for how long? Specially when Hindus are not supported.




Wake Up BJP



The government of India should ban anti India people like Musharraf and Malala from coming to India to participate in any seminars / conclave. Noble Prize winner doesn’t mean you have the license to lie. 


As if Malala was not enough we have Hon. Court also doing their bit to add salt to our wound.


The government is talking of Digital India and Shri Amit Shah says the government is just a click away. Sample this. There is no revert even now as I write. How do I praise the government. I am not like congress or AAP supporter.


You can’t handle news traders, you can’t handle high handed judiciary, you can’t take up basic rights of Hindus, you can’t throw the separatist out of India. If development is solution to all problems then Shri Manmohan Singh would not have become PM.

Everything has a patience limit. The discussion has started. 









While NaMo was quick to speak on Gau Rakshak he should for once speak on forced conversion as well. Did the so called Gau Rakshak had an identity card. Possible that it was stage managed to blame BJP and NaMo? Just because MSM made noise and NaMo making a statement doesn’t solve the problem. And if NaMo has to make a statement on Gau Rakshak there are many more deserving burning issue to be spoken about where Hindus have faced problem just because the ruling party in state keeps its eyes closes on the massacre and riots.

Dr Swamy was not given Lok Sabha ticket, no ministry, yet he has continued to serve the nation by consistently fighting case against the Gandhi family, talking about Hindu cause, etc.



I personally feel that NaMo supporters should not feel dejected. Let us wait for 55 months. If things shape up the way we had anticipated, great. Else, let us not dump BJP. We need to find an alternate. Is it Dr. Swamy?

It could be anyone but this time around the Manifesto salient points for 2019 will be dictated by social media and nationalist.


NaMo has to realize the service is not free. Hindus mean business. Appeasement may be the government MAJBOORI not the majority. It has to be SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS. Major looser are middle income group and Hindus.

So far 44 along with news traders have been setting the agenda and BJP has been reactive. If you can’t handle, it’s your problem.

We will wait for 55 months. Should we call it #Mission55 ?

Credit: Gratitude to all Tweeples



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