May 24, 2019

Is every MODI supporter a Bhakt?

Every party other than BJP are out  painting everybody who supports MODI with a saffron brush .

The language, the innuendo, the threats and the sheer toxicity of the messages that have invaded Twitter is an alarming trend. Decency and etiquette have been thrown to the wind.

The narrative is all about a hidden agenda to Saffronised India. Some Political parties have mastered the art of playing with the emotions of minority community. They have succeeded in deeply infusing ‘Saffron Phobia’ in the minds of even the moderate and open-minded minority who used to happily coexist with the Hindu community .

After MODI’s assent to power their phobia has increased manifold and the rhetoric has grown shriller. Their ploy has worked, they have succeeded in sowing the seeds of mistrust to such an extent that any talk of Hinduism by even non-radical Hindus is construed as communal and are branded as “Bhakt’s”.

All these people , the provocateurs and the provoked, forget that MODI fought an election and won majority support. He is a man with adequate administrative experience. This man deserves to be allowed to govern without hindrance, to complete his tenure and do what he says he wants to do for the country.

This is the least we can do, allow this man to do his job. Haven’t we allowed the Congress decades to do what it  said it would do, but never did do ?

This bigoted agenda to alienate communities for political gains is a malady that has crept into our society like a cancer , which if left untreated  will further erode the already abraded communal balance of our Nation.

The words ‘Bhakt’ & ‘Saffron Terrorism’ have been coined with an ulterior intention to broaden the fissures between communities , to pitch one community against the other  because a simmering discontent is ‘Vote Bank’ to some unscrupulous political Parties .

Communities , both the Hindus and Muslims , have to stem the tide of radicalisation that threatens to flood our society. We have to keep the psudo-secularists and the radical fringe at bay .

Time to realise that ‘Politics of Religion’ can never be ‘For the People – By the People’, it can only be ‘For the greedy Politicians – By ignorant People’.

‘Bhakt’ owes no allegiance to any party, to any religion, any caste or any language because ‘Bhakt’ is a Nationalist.

Think ! ! !


Picture Credit:@PMOIndia


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