April 19, 2019

Is India losing it’s patience with Pakistan?

The political narrative in Pakistan hinges, among others things, on ‘India Bashing’. The more a Political Party gloats on ‘I did this to India, I did that to India and I will do this to India’, better it’s chances of endearment and acceptance by the citizens of Pakistan.

One can gauge the mood of the nation by looking at the Pakistani Generals and the adulation they enjoy all because of their anti-India rant and of course, their policy of a ‘Thousand cuts’. The Pakistani public applaud their army every time it draws Indian blood realising fully well that their Army is indulging in an act of cowardice.

The Pakistanis are hyped into believing that India is scared of them and that they can defeat India summarily . They also believe that Kashmir is just a walkover for their Nuclear armed Army. ‘If beliefs could win wars than Pakistan has already won against India’. Really a sad state of mind of Pakistanis, they are ‘Alice’s living in wonderland called PAKISTAN’.

The Pakistanis are blindly motivated to such an extent that every forum and medium is leveraged to tarnish India’s image. They have taken to the social media to engage Indians, to spread rumours and fan sectarian hatred. Twitter is flooded with proxy messages with misleading content with a mala fide intention to incite hatred with an ulterior intention to divide India from within.

But whatever they try, the fact remains that the ground realities are far removed from the hypnotic trance of superiority that the ‘Pied Pipers’ in power have made the Pakistani people believe.

For once, Pakistanis should glance across the border, only then will they realise that India is not a barren desert of Fakir’s and snake charmers anymore, India is today a thriving economy with a Powerful Leader, a  stable Government and a disciplined Military.

So far, Pakistan is lucky that although they are hated in India, Indians are not as obsessed with Pakistan as the Pakistanis are with India. But the scenario is changing, with every attack, with every murder and with every treachery the obsession grows. The thirst for retribution grows , the pressure on the Government to put an end to the ‘Pakistan Problem’ once and for all grows .

The tide for military intervention is at its highest today. With every provocation the war drums within India are getting louder, the roar for revenge is growing shriller drowning the voices of peace and calm.

A scenario similar to 1971 is emerging in the subcontinent because Pakistan is indulging in warmongering and has shown no inclination for meaningful dialogue. Every time a Jawan is killed the frustration within the Armed Forces grows, the itch to fight Pakistan grows exponentially. Every stone thrown by a ‘Paid Pelter’ of Kashmir curdles the blood of every Indian, the chorus for decisive action grows.

598968-kashmir-zeeProbably emboldened (or encouraged) by its flourishing friendship with its new found ally in China, Pakistan has lost all sense of equilibrium and is tottering on the verge of insanity under a false sense of bravado. It probably also believes that Nuclear deterance can keep India at bay but that notion has also lost relevance, nuclear blackmail doesn’t scare India anymore.

If there is still some sanity left in them the time is ripe for the people of Pakistan to raise their voice against warmongering . If there are still some responsible voice that can be heard and if they still care for their very existence, then they have to prevail upon the destructive forces to tone down the rhetoric & inhuman acts and start taking peace .

Or else, Pakistan which was lucky to get away with just a split in 1971 may well end-up splintered if not obliterated.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Zee News


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