April 26, 2019

Is Media a Necessary Evil?








MADHAV NALAPAT  New Delhi | 26th Sep 2015

ongress heir apparent Rahul Gandhi has been “meeting quietly in the US with groups intending to carry out protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi” during the PM’s ongoing visit to the world’s biggest economy. According to those associated with the planning of the strategy of the Congress vice-president, “Rahul is not encouraging any anti-Modi demonstrations and protests, but simply understanding what the reasons for anger are”. However, analysts tracking Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi say that his role has been much more pro-active, and that should there be large-scale protests during the Prime Minister’s public appearances in San Jose and New York, it would mean “some success for Rahul’s carefully planned strategy of seeking to show globally that Modi has as many critics as admirers in the US”, thereby taking some of the shine off the PM’s Madison Square-style public rallies in the country and his meetings with corporate leaders.

Rahul working on anti-PM protests in US

 Rahul working on anti-PM protests in US For close to nine months, the Congress VP has been meeting ‘representatives of civil society from India’ in London and New York.



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