May 24, 2019

Is Media bigger than National Security?

Ever since NDTV Ban is announced there are two groups that have emerged. Obviously majority of media house and intellectuals are against this. What needs to be understood is their reasoning and timing. While some have a valid point most have reasoning that goes beyond the understanding of nationalist citizens. Early it was Bhakts and Media people. Now even business owners have joined. We leave it to our readers to decide.

Rajya Sabha Member and Chairman of the Essel Group of Companies Shri Subhash Chandra on Nov 6, 2016 expressed his view on Twitter by saying that one day ban on NDTV is not good enough for the potential damage done to the nation.

His tweets also speaks about how the editors guild and NDTV had behaved when UPA government wanted to take action action against ZEE.

He is confident that even if NDTV approached the court, it would not have any impact.

First to observe and raise concern during the ongoing operation was Col. NR Kurup



This has not happened for the first time. During UPA rule it was done. None made noise. Case of Al Jazeera stands out in the observation. If for just showing wrong map the punishment was 5 Days then for sharing information on air when operations is under progress and final phase, why one day?


I as ordinary person fail to understand how he and Gaurav Sawant can work under same roof and with different approach.




EDITORS guild has its own agenda. I find no difference between BCCI and Editors guild. None would like to come under RTI ever.


Madam talks openly like this and still enjoying free movement. Was it possible during Emergency during Indira Gandhi time? No. Then why compare? Shekhar bhaai needs to answer where was Editors Guild when the Headline said “AND THEY HANGED…..”


Guptaji what do you do with this poll?



Screenshot_2016-11-04-14-15-50 (1)


Screenshot_2016-11-04-14-13-57 Screenshot_2016-11-04-17-20-14





The story doesn’t end with Pathankot. The story continues…….


There are well wishers across the border. 


Ban or No Ban, we just can’t afford to have these scenes repeated. The anger is genuine and nation is united.



Let us see what Hon. Supreme Court of India has to decide ?

Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp messages.


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