May 23, 2019

Is Modi Sarkaar Arrogant?

Difference between Achievements and Expectations.

Before I get into discussing the topic a brief background is important for better understanding the difference between achievement and expectations.

I started my career in Mumbai on Jan 11, 1995 with Ace Door to Door Express Cargo which was a division of Air Freight Ltd. as a Sales Executive. 

The company was into express cargo business and Blue Dart, ELBEE, etc were competitors.

Wherever we went for sales calls the standard response of the Receptionist used to be we don’t have business that requires Air Freight Movement. At times some security guards used to give us the same Gyaan.

There were few receptionists who took our visiting card. Tried to understand what our company does and then they helped us connect with the logistics staff. I still remember the names of those companies and the staff I met.

These receptionists went beyond the profile ensure the company is able to meet with good vendors and they wanted concerned people in company to take calls.

Now let us connect with the title of this article. I keep reading about PM and some CM who received letters from someone and they acted promptly. This is highly appreciable. These are success stories and good for PR and image building.

My personal experience on more than five occasion is way different. Will share facts as well.

People who voted BJP to power are now struggling to meet their MP, MLA and ministers. The way a person is treated on phone and at the entrance gate is sheer humiliation. I can prove this if someone wants to challenge me.

Receptionist, OSD, PA, security will not help in connecting people to the government. How many MP , MLA and ministers are active on social media we all know.

arrogant 4

My gov is good for nothing. One gentleman Mr. Akhilesh Mishra who has a important role doesn’t bother to reply to tweets.

arrogant 5One simple question is not answered till date. How does one request for an appointment with the PM?

There can’t be endless wait.

I would go one step ahead of Arnab’s famous line for years NATION WANTS TO KNOW and say NATION WILL REPLY.

This series will continue till 2019 for the simple reason NATION SHOULD KNOW facts other than development before they Vote in 2019 and in the interim in state elections.

History is distorted beyond limits and the height is an invader called Akbar was a benevolent ruler. If this can be documented in syllabus and students pass their history paper for writing so, then why crib for Pakistan intrusion on our soil?

There can’t be dual standards. Yes Secularism and vote bank politics has created dual standards. I see some friends posting on social media about how much effort Modiji has taken to get Tur Daal rates under control. My answer is So what…. What is so great about it? Why didn’t it happen three months back? Modiji is capable of doing all this and that is the reason why we voted for him. Yes the Bar is very low against which to compare the performance of the incumbent government vis a vis all previous congress lead govternmens since 1947. Hence a section of the public is Gung Ho about Modi Sarkar.

In business terms if I pay for a service in a restaurant. If I pay for buying a television the restaurant owner and the television company is duty bound to give me service.

So if I have voted for BJP and Modiji is performing what is so great about it. There is a clear difference between Modiji and MMS.

What restaurant and television company are supposed to do is give service. Which is exactly Modiji is doing. So why thank? Yes I would thank him and compel other to thank when he does the difficult task.

With regards to development he deserves credit.

With regards to respect of Indians globally, yes he deserves the credit.

What next? Now don’t tell me coal is in surplus, solar energy initiative, Yoga day initiative. All these are part of customer service.

Customer Delight would happen when he acts against News Traders, fake Gau Rakshak have been spoken now time he speaks on rampant conversion, etc.

Arrogant 1

arrogant 2

arrogant 3

arrogant 6

The government has powers beyond our expectations and it is entirely on how the government wants to use it. I understand the compulsion so I discount the balancing act.

I hail from Jhansi a district of Uttar Pradesh when Kar Sevaks were stopped in Jhansi which is a border district of Madhya Pradesh. Schools and Colleges were converted into temporary jails. No one was allowed to go beyond Jhansi.

The people of Jhansi did whatever they could do for the Ka Sevaks. Collecting Tea powder, roti and bhaaji packets, making tea and putting them in Sintex with tap. List is endless. Television was rare in city. Few well off homes had Weston TV set with sliding shutter. And they were getting BBC signals. The way Kar Sevaks were fired at and killed in cold blood. Kothari brothers sacrificing their life. People will not forget that.

Mulayam Singh has openly said I gave orders to fire at Kar Sevaks.

Then we see our Modiji attending function of some marriage. (It is his personal life and he has the right to do whatever he has to). It HURTS. 

Now that elections are near there is a case i read FIR is filed against Mulayam Singh

Yes politics has compulsion. But this will not be forgotten by many.

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