May 20, 2019

Is NaMo the weakest Prime Minister India has ever Had?


TWEET that lit the FIRE
TWEET that lit the FIRE


Is this the Model who will instil integrity and credibility into the Product?
 Is this the Model who will instil integrity and credibility into the Product?


Why was this Ignored?
    Why was this Ignored?



It was late afternoon on Thursday when a single tweet from a union cabinet minister set twitter on fire. It raged uncontrollably and continues to do so even as I put down my thoughts on paper about this unsavoury episode.

BJP was totally ineffective between 2004-2014; It was the social Media which brought about a decisive change in the fortunes of this party.

In return the supporter sought nothing for self but everything for the nation. Those close to the power center  pocketed  lucrative contracts to manage social media activities of ministers and govt websites. Supporters who had worked hard for a number of years did not grudge this until access to ministers &PM began to be regulated by these new doorkeepers.

Pent of fury had to be vented, there are more than enough reason for SM supporters to feel let down by the man who rode on their shoulders to power.

Repeated Book launch by Union Cabinet Ministers of Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, post the fracas at Madison Square Garden New York while PM Modi was on an official visit to USA. Rankles the supporters.

Most Ministers run to TV channels to give exclusive interviews, despite being fully aware, media is anti BJP

Best suited spokespersons have been withdrawn what we get to witness is incoherent, mumbling and bumbling BJP member ill-equipped to be on air in any TV channel studio why has this been done?

NDTV which has been served notice under FEMA for financial irregularities, should under normal circumstance be facing prosecution, instead we find this channel is being promoted. NO I will not point towards bureaucracy or the Minister in charge; instead hold the Prime Minister responsible for this failure to control his cabinet Minister.

Social Media is the true Media of our time. Conventional media is dead for all practical purposes. The severe and instant backlash is only possible here, this is a democratic space, not agenda driven, every action is weighed on its merit and gets the treatment it deserves. Screen shots and cartoon posted on twitter are being used to reinforce this assertion of mine.

Tread with caution. Your supporters are not self serving or blind. Finally this is no BJP social Media Army.



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