April 23, 2019

Is Pakistan in an Embrace of Death with Terrorists and Terrorism ?

India suffered a humiliating defeat in 1962 at the hands of china, this did not drive India to embrace terrorism & terrorist . 1965  this had happened to Pakistan


Pakistan was dismembered in 1971 with over 90,000 Pakistan Army personnel as Prisoners of war with India.


Pakistan has since been in an embrace of death with terrorism  and terrorists. That country does not even observe the façade  and fiction of being a normal society which abhorres terrorism, it’s brazenness has scaled new peak, when Prime Minister Nawaz claimed a terrorist Burhan wani as a martyr at UNGA in his speech.

I am no policy wonk nor do I have pretentions of being a security/strategic expert. Just another Indian who has read about score & scores of terror attacks in India in past 4 decades. Be it the terrorists in the garb of Kashmir or Punjab, they all had a common launch pad.

Until Pathankot attack Pakistan used to deny involvement. Not that it has accepted it’s involvement in Uri terror attack. Yes Pakistan does parrot the line “biggest victim of terror” it’s home grown. You have targeted those who were inconvenient to you and supported those who in your scheme of thing provided you strategic depth.

This is the first instance when India has responded in a robust manner with a multi pronged approach to make Pakistan pay for it’s role in Uri terror attack, India is simultaneously moving on various fronts. Diplomatic, economic, international treaty,making noises about military options,speaking voiceferously on multi lateral forums & minimum contact on bilateral basis, India is also observing the established norms of furnishing evidence thru diplomatic channel. Prime Minister Modi and External Affairs Minister Mrs Swaraj have both delivered very strong messages to Pakistan. Mood in the country is for a retaliatory attack using the military option before exercising other options. This is not happening, because the man at helm of affairs is no Rambo but a very Practical and level headed individual, who will punish the rouge state of Pakistan, with or without support from International community.Incremental Pressure approach has been adopted with each passing day more & more means  are being deployed to drive home the message, last straw has been placed on the camels back now no more space.

The bleeding hearts as always are doing what they are best at. Don’t do this it will hurt India more don’t do that it will hurt us more than Pakistan. For confused souls in Bollywood , Pakistani actor  fawad has delivered a resounding slap that will ring in the ears of the future generation of the likes of Karan Johar and brigade.


Opposition Parties are playing their role to the hilt. Mediajihadi  are mounting a jehad on daily basis against GOI  and those who do not fall in line, Rajdeep Sardesai


has had the termity to appear on Pakistan TV channel to whine about  Timesnow ,Arnab goswami. Neither Timesnow nor Arnab are obliged to follow the diktat of rowdy of Madison Square Garden and India Today.

Congress having been decimated , a source of income has dried up for many in Media, with GOI taking a tough line wirh Pakistan fear of other source of funding also being choked is driving shekhar gupta insane.250901

His statement belie his claimed years in media  as editor of Indian Express. The ultimate oxymoron  state is Constipated faces of congress spokespersons and leaders with chronic verbal diarrhoea.

Public would do well to remember ,we cant afford the weight of  young widows  and infant orphans, retribution is a must with little or no cost to us.

Request all to read this http://www.mensxp.com/special-features/today/26061-10-indian-military-weapons-that-will-make-the-enemies-tremble-with-fear.html  which has been specifically researched to reassure Indians  we have the wherewithals to strike at will with a very  telling effect. That does not mean we get reckless and shoot from the hip.

There is a dialogue from a movie the name I don’t recall “picture abhi baki mere dost”  watch out for the fun when  Pakistan gets squeezed more from other direction, even china will get apprehensive once popular uprising start in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, it will feel the heat and desire to repeat Tiananmen square will be strong, but that  luxury is not available neither would it be able to unleash brutalities like  it has done in Tibet.  Fate of CEPC is going to cause serious concerns.

SAARC  is going to be sans Pakistan unless it mends it ways urgently.  The Frankenstein that Pakistan has nurtured will soon turn on Pakistan once it cant look out side Pakistan. This embrace of terrorism and terrorists could prove to be fatal for Pakistan.

credit: pic from twitter. thank you to twitter user who have posted these photos which have been uploaded in this article.

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