May 24, 2019

Is RSS Modern Day Gandhi?

The great Gandhi of the freedom movement had such enormous following that he could black mail the entire national leadership to do his bidding. Gandhi did blackmail successfully over a variety of issues on a number of occasions. The issues he took up at any given point time are debatable with respect to their end results and their relation to the independence of our nation. Also the various acts of commission and omission are still in grey and he has become a controversial figure to many. When his acts are being discussed thread bare, there seems to be no logical cover for the way he acted against the interests of Indians in many cases. The way Gandhi watered down the works of several Indians cannot be justified in any manner. An old saying  “With great power comes great responsibility” does not seem to apply to Gandhi. To his credit Gandhi could turn a million Indians into his followers who would selflessly work for the independence of the nation irrespective of the actions of Gandhi.

RSS was started by one Hegdevarji and has had a chain of great leaders till date and may continue to have greater leaders. Each one of the heads were distinct and had their own individualities. RSS has a enormous number of volunteers from various sections of society who are known to work selflessly for the nationalistic ideals. RSS is believed to be the defense of Indians in general and Hindus in particular against the offensive elements of the society. In reality RSS rarely discriminates between Indians. With such enormous organization and excellent leadership, the failure to protect the interests of Hindus is really bewildering. It takes humongous efforts to keep an organization functioning and to its credit RSS still functions to great efficiency in its stated goals but whether the expectations are met is a matter of debate. Various seers and the sant samaj have a special relation with the heads of the RSS with the belief that they stand for the Hindu ideals in a realistic manner. Various other Hindu only organizations too have relations with seers, sants etc but the respect they command cannot be comparable to that gained by RSS.

With such powers and volunteers at their disposal, the characteristics of the Gandhi the personality and RSS the organizational behavior become too identical. Their ideological stated positions on the face appear to be pro-Hindu but deep down they are overly simplistic in the realm of fantasy. There is no denial about the great works they have done but the real question: if they have done justice to the enormous powers they have accumulated over the period of time due to the sacrifices of the various volunteers? Whether the volunteers would have accepted their inaction in various matters? To meet the political demands the BJP has taken shape and whether the RSS is satisfied with the ideological positions of the BJP? There seems to be a lot of confusion about the way the RSS functions and their ways are not easy to understand for the external persons. Common people can have too many expectations because of the Hindu sounding but are they really doing justice to its volunteers?

Small organizations are dissecting the Hindu society using the various democratic tools. Individuals from the Hindu community are treated like dirt by the state and the state would let individuals die without batting an eyelid. The state can be either BJP led or a Congress led or any other. May be the RSS has its own agenda to run and it is only the Hindus who have been fooled? May be the Hindus have falsely assumed that someone else will take their burden and do all the sacrifices for their betterment? May be the general Hindu public are fearful of demanding actions from their leadership? Whether the RSS is doing a Mahatma on Indians? Only time will tell.

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