April 24, 2019

Is this not Breaking News?

Hospital guest house used as personal property by congress. It takes three years of consistent effort to get it vacated. What does it say about this party who keeps claiming that they got freedom for us. Fact is they did not get freedom for us. They bought a license for themselves. Let us dig into historyyet again. While the real freedom fighters either had to spend life in Kaala Paani or were put in ordinary jails. Nehru was never injured or at worst placed in  house arrest.

Bought his post of first PM by arm twisting and that continued till the Toilet moment of Sitaram Kesri.

Back to Guest house news in UP. Few years back Priyanka Vadra claimed that she doesn’t have enough source of income to pay rent for the bunglow. Do we need to waste your time by writing all the pending cases against how Robert Vadra became rich? we respect your time.

bungalowed-1_660_121212090827High time these cases were fast tracked. Let the concerned ministry issue a Press Release of Congress and all such high profile people who have become burden on ordinary citizens. They need to be named and shamed like the defaulters of home loan and personal loans are treated by Banks. Congress needs Vijaya Mallaya kind of treatment.

BJP on it’s part too need to be doubly sure if any of their party leaders have broken the rule. If  some are still occupying  Type VIII accomodation they need to vacate. If anyone has stayed in the past, they need to pay the rent with arrears.

Picture Credit: India Today Screen shot from Twitter


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