April 23, 2019

Is #TWITTER the NEO Commie of 21st Century


I am back writing on my favorite subject, Social Media and as always my focus is on Twitter, regrettably, this time there are more negative events than positives that will be highlighted.

Amazed that a lawmaker is pleading with the operator of a platform, when he should be raising this issue in the Parliament. His fundamental right of FREE SPEECH & EXPRESSION is being denied to him, where is the courage to take the culprit to court, to set this situation right? India’s law maker is unwilling to lead by example and is hoping that ordinary citizens of India will handle this issue on his behalf.


More examples of coercion by twitter, this is absolutely unacceptable.

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Yet another case but here Mr Savio is displaying more courage than our law maker who is seen grovelling before twitter.

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How can this be permitted to be circulated on twitter, where are the exacting standards?

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Social Media, twitter in particular has offered an opportunity to many across the globe to attain cult status, huge fan following, this has not been achieved because twitter drove or directed other users to follow any particular user. This is the result of thoughts and views expressed by the users, appreciated by others, like minded users joined together to speak and project those views. Unlike conventional Media where we have celebrity status employees who draw fat salaries. Social Media celebrities are solely driven by passion.

Doubt it very much if there is a recorded evidence in human history of a vehicle being convicted for an accident, its always the driver. Please don’t scratch your head, I am going to address this statement right away.

During PM Modi’s Previous visit to  USA, PM Modi had spoken in glowing terms about the role of twitter. “Twitter has turned everyone into a reporter.”

Twitter seems to have taken this to heart and mind, definite hubris & arrogance is visible, twitjpg-3f645771f2196ee6“The co-founder of Twitter apologized Saturday for the social media platform’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the White House. In an interview with the New York Times, Evan Williams said that he recently learned that President Trump said he believes Twitter put him in the White house.”  Twitter co-founder apologizes for helping elect trump.


Nothing could be further from truth than this assertion. Vehicles don’t get convicted for accidents. Drivers do.

I need to revert back in time. Not very far back it’s 2012 we had Congress lead UPA2 in office.

Assam was in the grip of serious communal violence, our conventional Media was not reporting on these events because the affected were from the Majority community. Mr Rajdeep Sardesai at that point of time was heading CNNIBN,  when queried? Responded with tyranny of distance, as also insufficient number of body bags to justify deploying a OB Van.

We were busy seeking support in terms material and funds to help the affected population in rehabilitating them at the earliest.

Congress lead UPA2 decided to suspend/block selected few twitter accounts, Local ISPs obliged, however twitter insisted on a court order to comply with government of India request.

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This attempt by GOI lead to a severe backlash, we became more vocal and scathingly critical of congress, single minded focused to bring in a new political dispensation in the 2014 general election, it was on this day 26th May 2014 the new government lead by PM Modi was sworn in.

Why did we succeed? Was it twitter that helped oust congress government, or were the users responsible for achieving the desired results. Conventional Media world over is left leaning, this has been no effective counter to this situation. Social Media provided that opportunity.

Twitter in particular became the favoured destination of those who wished to challenge the conventional Media.

Despite the serious limitation of 140 characters, it still became the battle field between the left loonies and the Rightists.

Instead of writing detailed rebuttals which not many read, and these rebuttals rarely found space in the conventional Media. Techonology was also improving at a fast pace, conventional media was compelled to make an entry in the digital world through their e-publication and also utilize Social Media to attract traffic to their new venture, this made it easier for us on twitter to to target the fortified hereto impregnable forts and silos. Numerous users simultaneously pelting tweets of 140 character or lesser became difficult to fend for conventional media and its persons. No long essays were required. This changed the reading habit of many, now it became  fashionable to counter the narrative in 140 or less characters. 100s if not 1000s  tweeted on a single issue and subject or directed their tweet to a particular person, this exposed the person and the media house. Sustained aggressive tweets from 360 degrees are difficult to fend, moment a wrong word was employed by the media person, it lead to more sustained tweeting and complete destruction of that persons credibility.

2016 in USA was a repeat of 2014 India, conventional Media bypassed to connect directly with the public, politicians no longer felt obliged to hire brokers to carry their message to the Public. This is where Twitter developed serious faultlines. Probably the large number of users, or lack of competition in the micro blogging field.

Need to reiterate “The co-founder of Twitter apologized Saturday for the social media platform’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the White House. In an interview with the New York Times, Evan Williams said that he recently learned that President Trump said he believes Twitter put him in the White house.” twitter co-founder apologizes for helping elect Trump.


Twitter has been behaving like a Tinpot dictator in India, Freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed to every person by the Constitution of India, Twitter can’t be allowed to trample our fundamental rights. Twitter has been suspending/blocking handles selectively and arbitrarily, We cant stress more on twitter to follow the laws of the land, if there is a breach then it must be settled by a court of law and not by Twitter.

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We appeal to government of India to intervene on our behalf and correct this unacceptable situation. Ministry of Corporate Affairs should issue a show cause notice to Twitter to desist from  it unilateralism. Should the GOI ignore our plea, we would be left with no option but to approach the courts ourselves.

May be the time has come for India to emulate China, Banish twitter from India, develop a platform of its own.

I have been at the receiving end of arrogance of Twitter earlier also. Link before we conclude if “Twitter became the Neo Commie of the 21st century”.  Let’s investigate little more as to who are the people responsible for it’s operations in India? What is their personal political preference? How is the operation being funded in India? Etc etc. even without all these details, if one was to go by the recent utterances and actions of twitter, one would not be wrong in concluding “Twitter is the Neo Commie of 21st Century.”

There is a pattern to blocking Twitter handle. The record of Raheel K was never in the interest of the country. There is a pattern to what his intentions are. Some say he is no more Head of Twitter India then too the bigger question is can the Nation allow such a corporate to operate that gives broad day light cover to anti India agenda? To expect something from the parent company and it’s founding members sitting in US would be too much. It is important for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Home Ministry to do a thorough due diligence.

  • Who are the directors of this company TWITTER COMMUNICATIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED?
  • What are the back ground of the companies that they have there investment other than Twitter
  • What are their Twitter handle?
  • Have they issued any warning to Raheel and other who monitor abuse Twitter accounts?
  • If not what is the reason?
  • Why did Rishi Jaitly resign from top position in Twitter. Is it because of Abuse Problem News Link
  • Why did Twitter India have this sudden attrition?
  • Why no action against these handles by Twitter?
  • What is the reason for Twitter not suspending abusive twitter handle? What are the compulsion?

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The patience of the government is not doing good to the law abiding citizens.


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Besides abuse and filthy language, Twitter has also become favorite platform to spread rumor by self declared journalists. How can the Police and government be mute spectators when twitter is selective in suspending/blocking users? What is compelling Twitter management to be so lenient with such offenders? Is it the investment by some Commie?

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In the past there was a petition on Change.org as well.


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