April 24, 2019

Is Violence the New Normal in Bengal?

It was the rule of the union’s during the Leftist days, the intolerant Communists were an extension of the then leadership to enforce the party diktat on the people – forcefully and at times violently.

It’s now the rule of appeasement politics of Mamata government that has gone to extraordinary limits to pander to a section of a community. The TMC and it’s cadre have tasked themselves with an one point agenda – rework the congresses time tested political model of appeasement and work overtime to instill fear of the Hindus to polarise and create a sectarian divide, only difference is that Mamata Didi has outdone her erstwhile party, the Congress, in the Violence department.

To preempt the MODI wave from flooding Bengal, Mamata has drawn up a strategy to counter the BJP on communal lines. She is abetting lawlessness in the name of empowerment of minorities, a seriously flawed political narrative that has plunged parts of Bengal into chaos, and if left unchecked could engulf the whole state in a mess of mammoth proportions.

As Basirhat burns, the TMC that ignited the communal fire refuses to reign in the hate mongering or the rhetoric to douse the fire, instead it continues to fan the flames of hatred targeted at the Hindus .

The events have a pattern to them, the communal frenzy is the handiwork of a politically clouded vision that has set its sight on 2019 elections – ‘win election at any cost , to hell with the concerns of the Hindus’.

With nary a responsible tone in her voice, Mamata has squarely blamed the Central Government and the Governor for all the troubles that Bengal is beset with.

The opposition parties that question the Centre’s inability to check the Kashmir unrest, haven’t found their voice to ask Mamata why she hasn’t been able to quell the Darjeeling flare-up ?

The MODI obsessed opposition leaders who severely berate MODI every time there is an instance of communalism, vigilantism and lynching don’t seem to have the gumption to question Mamta for her governments failure to restore Law & Order .

The fiery Lady, just like the chief minister of Delhi, has allowed the greed of ambition to consume her. The call of the National stage has gripped her just the way an addict is gripped by an addiction.

“Such leaders have no business governing and such parties have no business ruling – IMPOSE CENTRAL RULE.

Picture Credit: Hindu Samhati Global Media

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