May 19, 2019

ISIS deciphered.. (A layman’s perspective..)

The caliphate dream of the ISIS in its core region of influence is disintegrating. The once formidable army of hardcore Islamists who had spread their deadly tentacles from Iraq to Syria and beyond are a mere shadow of its original self.

The coalition forces led by America has severely impair the striking ability of ISIS in Iraq. Russia & Syria have successfully stopped the march of ISIS into Syria and are now pushing them back. The Kurds are also fighting back spiritedly.

With its self anointed Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi dead, the looming typhoon of ISIS has shrunk into a tipid storm.

But, despite the setbacks, ISIS and it’s brand of terrorism backed by die-hard sympathisers, motivated by ideology of blood & gore, and fueled by fanatical religious faith, has evolved into a gargantuan terror organisation with a global reach. The cancer of ISIS has slowly and steadily infested most parts of the world.

The origin of ISIS is the direct result of the power vaccum created subsequent to the withdrawal of American & coalition forces from Iraq.
The Frankenstein of ISIS under the leadership of  Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi rose like a phoenix from the ashes of strife, unrest and discontentment in Iraq to manifest itself over Iraq and Syria.

Its popularity grew rapidly as it positioned itself as the saviour of Muslims. It’s vow to resurrect the Caliphate of Islam further shored up its popularity and attracted hordes of disgrunted , disillusioned and jobless youth to join it’s ranks.

Flush with money from clandestine sale of crude oil and narcotics trade, the ISIS was able to rapidly raise a sizable army, arm them to the teeth and could overrun large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria by propounding the idea of a ISLAMIC STATE.

A headless Al Qaida with a severely impaired ability to strike created a ‘Terrorism void’. The ISIS filled the void promptly with its brand of barbarous terrorism thereby re-energising the morale of militants and Terrorists affiliated to terror outfits like Al Qaida, Taliban, Bako Haram and waning them into its fold.

The ruthless imposition of Sharia, the ethnic cleansing, the beheadings, all in the name of religion & Caliphate became a clarion call to zealous zealots from all across the globe to join it’s cadre .

The ISIS successfully leveraged the social media to fan it’s propaganda across the globe to incite hatred against the foes of Islam.

Islamophibia in the western world reached its peak and this has worked in favour of ISIS which has successfully utilised the fear factor to attract insecure youth and religious hotheads to fight for its cause.
It’s brainwashed sympathisers have carried out attacks across the US, Europe and other countries. Most of the hits have been lone wolf attacks, nevertheless these attacks have been destructive and the publicity thus gained has given ISIS the hateful aura that Al Qaida once enjoyed.

Despite their shrinking field of operations in Iraq and Syria, ISIS continues to grow from strength to strength globally.

Indian scenario..
The presence of ISIS in India’s neighbourhood, specifically in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, is a chilling fact.

India is not immune to the threat, and it’s just a matter of time before the ISIS rears its ugly head in India.

Global reprimand non-withstanding, Pakistan continues to be a safe haven for Terrorists. The mentor of many a terrorist organisation, the ISI would gleefully welcome ISIS to setup base on its territory(if not already done) with a rider that the ISIS targets India.

The nation’s that are part of the war against ISIS have been nudging India to join the war but so far they have not been successful in convincing India.

But the day ISIS and the ISI carry out an attack on Indian soil , will be the day when India will be forced to shed it’s position of neutrality to plunge into the crusade against Terrorists and terror safe-havens.


Article by @bobsimhan (Twitter)

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