May 19, 2019

ISIS Fear- Factor

Mosul is free , the hard fought coalition victory has delivered the city from the grip of the dreaded ‘Islamic State’ . But what remains of the city at best amounts to almost ‘NOTHING’ .

Al Baghdadi the self-proclaimed Caliph has been defeated , the most feared man on earth has vanished into thin air . Has he fled to fight another day or is he dead never to fight again ? Nobody knows .

The mess straddling the mid-East stretches from the Mediterranean sea to the Persian gulf spanning across Syria and Iraq . Death and destruction of mammoth proportions has reduced the once bustling cities and civilisations to piles of rubble . The scale of human tragedy is unfathomable .

Emaciated physically and broken mentally the sight of a endless throng of survivors emerging slowly from the ravaged city of Mosul like zombies brought back memories of the Nazi concentration camps . Kids without father’s , mother’s without sons , wives without husband and life without a future , their lives destroyed , property and possessions bombed to smithereens – the survivors must be wondering why God has kept them alive .

The coalition forces know that celebrations are premature because

Mosul is just one bastion that has fallen , ISIS still occupies large swaths of territory and continues to enjoy the support of a sizable cadre of ruthless fighters .

To believe that the advent of the Caliphate has suffered a death blow would be wistful thinking , Mosul is just a small setback to the terror organisation . The tentacles of ISIS continue to have a firm grip on Syria and Iraq , further they continue to spread across the globe with impunity metastasizing fear and terror wherever they go .

What’s worrisome is the scare that the Islamic state has made its presence felt in India . The apprehensions gain credence because intelligence on terror groups based in Pakistan clearly see a nexus between the ISIS and small and disorganised band of terrorists active in Kashmir . Further , the ISIS propaganda machine is active and slowly getting a toe-hold in India , the murmurs for Caliphate can be heard in certain sensitive areas of India .

Pakistan will find a way to funnel the ISIS fighters that are being flushed out of Iraq and Syria into India to bolster it’s covert agenda to snatch Kashmir from India . In such a scenario India has to brace itself for a concerted and vicious attacks by motivated terrorists .

Is India geared up to take on the ISIS , which without doubt will be sponsored by ISI , backed by the Pakistani army and enjoy the tacit nod of the Pak govt , and obviously welcomed by the separatists in Kashmir?

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