April 23, 2019

It is time to sack Devendra Fadnavis

Traffic Constable Vilas Shinde of Mumbai City Police died yesterday (31 Aug 2016) after battling grievous injuries that he had received from criminal bikers, from whom he had asked personal information, for and on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra.

PC Shinde was a representative of the Government of Maharashtra. His killers are Muslims. The Government of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is keeping quiet because Mumbai Municipal Elections are around the corner and since the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is part of the ruling coalition in the State (with Shiv Sena), it seems that bowing before criminals and accepting their superiority is the current acceptable strategy, so that the possible vote bank is not offended.

Let’s face facts. For all the bluster and chest-beating speeches of the BJP leaders, they are actually ‘appeasement specialists’. They will rather live on their knees with scorn from the Voters than fight on their legs to defend our Constitution and the Rule-of-the-Law.

Nobody likes a weak community, a weak government; or a weak politician. Ever since Devendra Fadnavis took over as Chief Minister of Maharashtra, his tenure to date has been crisis ridden. The voters could have understood it if the BJP had just projected Fadnavis as the chocolate poster boy of their party. But, he misunderstood it as confidence in his abilities and capabilities, both of which are apparently missing. Not only is he incapable of leading the State, he also has taken-on the self-inflicted charge of the Ministry of Home. (Police and Security, in case he has missed what ‘Home Ministry’ actually stands for).

Throughout his tenure of the last two years, he is probably know more for his outrageous statements that had no conclusions than whatever work that he may have actually done for the State. Some glaring examples:

1) “Enough is enough” – A tweet from Fadnavis over the accusations that he had delayed an Air-India flight and that he would ‘initiate criminal defamation proceedings’ against the news agency that reported this. This was on 02 June 2015. Fourteen months later, Fadnavis has either forgotten to take action as he had so grandly announce, or is waiting for an auspicious moment to file the defamation case, or has settled the matter quietly. We do not know, because he has not uttered a peep (or a tweet) on this issue; maybe hoping that the incident will be forgotten.

2) Supporting the State’s AttorneyGeneral Shrihari Aney on the opinion of a separate ‘State of Vidarbha’ which would basically mean the division of the current ‘State of Maharashtra’ into two or more pieces. (19 December 2015).  This raised the ire of his own coalition partner Shiv Sena who hauled him over the coals, accusing him of having tainted blood since Fadnavis comes from Nagpur which is located in the Vidarbha region. This was not the first time he had stepped into this controversy. Even before he was nominated Chief Minister of Maharashtra he had demanded a separate State of Vidarbha. (Mail Today- 09 October 2014 report).

3) “Tumcha pagar kite, tumhee bolta kite” (Rough translation: ‘How much you speak while your pay is not as much’) – In a public speech during the Kalyan Municipal Elections, Fadnavis made this extremely insensitive remark against Eknath Shinde, a Maharashtra minister from the Shiv Sena. These remarks lead to multiple rounds of acerbic statements from both party leaders with Uddhav Thackeray (Leader of Shiv Sena), trading insults with Fadnavis. While it may have been amusing and entertaining for the for the people; it showed the lack of maturity, capability and intelligence quotient (IQ) of the person holding the  position of Chief Minister of a progressive State.

On the flip side, there are some decisions of Devendra Fadnavis that have to be appreciated. His dedicated work on water management systems in the drought hit areas of the State are laudable. The results of this effort will be known only in a few years, and he must be given credit to have initiated the project.

But just as one rain shower does not make up an entire monsoon; his one good decision does not make him a good administrator. He may be non-corrupt and a hard core nationalist. But is he not an efficient administrator, nor a mass leader. His statements on Nationalism are the only positive aspect of his administration but these have also mired him in controversies. The only feat that Devendra Fadnavis has managed to achieve here is to make Shiv Sena look moderate as compared to his brand of nationalism.

People make up a society and society makes up the State. For a State to be progressive and stable, it needs strong and undisputed discipline in all sectors; civil, social, cultural and most importantly in law-enforcement. The State of Maharashtra has the best police force in the world, most of it professional and disciplined. Almost all the lower ranks and constabulary have graduated high school with some having earned college graduate degrees. To ignore the capabilities of this force and to fail in supporting them against criminals is immoral and worse, very bad administrative conduct.

Devendra Fadnavis may be a good-hearted BJP worker. But Politics is a matter of Perception and as the Chief Minister he is perceived to be incapable, incompetent and inept.  His best action would be to resign immediately for the good of the party and for the good of our State.

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

Pic Credit:  zeenews.india.com

Dated: 01 September 2016

Author: ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Twitter: @sanjaymatkar



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