April 19, 2019

It’s Hindu Phobia

naresh agarwal

Well what can be said of this man ?

He is Mr. Naresh Agarwal of Samajwadi Party. He is a member of Rajya Sabha, he graces the august elder house. But his speech in the house targeting HINDU God’s was neither august nor befitting a man of his age and stature.

Appeasement as a plank to win elections failed, instead of reforming themselves these politicians continue to crank-up the degree of appeasement  to stay in power . These guys have nothing in their hearts for the Nation, for them it’s, ‘They First – Nation Last’.

 There is a new wave of phobia that has  gripped people like him . It’s Hindu Phobia. No ! Hindus have not become Jihadis to be feared, it’s only that they have realised belatedly that they have become second-class citizens and don’t want to be treated as such any further.

These politicians ably backed by the pseudo-seculars are like a pack of hyaena’s waiting to pounce on a Hindu who errs. ‘To err is Human’ has been replaced by ‘To err is HINDU’ . The moment a Hindu errs he has to be berated , castigated and reprimanded . The rule books will be thrown at him . The Secular encyclopaedia will be read out to him . The constitution that was gathering dust will be quickly retrieved , dusted and perused to sermon him about how a Hindu has to respect other religion irrespective of whether other Religion reciprocate.

Nowadays being a Hindu in HINDUSTAN is extremely challenging, comparatively it’s easy for a Bangladeshi to live in India.

Phobia struck Naresh Agarwal in fact suffers from fear of a resurgent Hindu who wants to reclaim his traditions, fear of a Hindu who wants to correctly interpret Secularism, fear of a Hindu who wants to defeat ‘Appeasement’. FEAR of the ”Religious Right’ who want to ‘Right’ the wrongs that they have suffered at the hands of such deplorable lawmakers.

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