April 20, 2019

J- Political Party

There are a variety of political parties pandering to different points of view. While some them are murderous in their dealings some are submissive. There are parties whose only agenda is to make wealth to the founders of the political parties. While the most intelligent ones do nothing except collect money and launder it for the sake of others and in the process make more wealth. None of these require any scientific proof because like some public servants we too can sniff and also feel that this is true.

Not long ago a top individual of a particular party has told that the government of the day seems to have made a political alliance with the CBI. This statement gained some traction because the government of the day got support from parties who did not support from inside but supported based on issues depending on how the caged parrot CBI acted against the various cases on the political parties. Whenever the founder of a particular party had to fall in line, the CBI’s help was taken by the government and the various bills that were struck were passed either by the presence of parties or absence of parties.

The J-Political Party (JPP) too wanted some powers to mess with the lives of the people. How long can any government department remain mute to the issues that are troubling the citizens? Every arm of the government seems to be happier in making the life of ordinary citizens more difficult with the several compliances that have to be followed. But the joke is that none of the public servants are compliant to the various service rules and they claim many of the benefits as their right while happily denying the rights guaranteed by the constitution to the citizens.

In the confusing times of the modern life of citizens JPP has taken a grand entry. The fact is that it had remained behind the scenes operating very carefully and waited for its chance to be most powerful. Public never felt that they were supporting JPP when it made statements on various issues. This party had a particular kind of public posturing and an extremely different private posturing. The double faced nature of this political party never caught the attention of most of the public and they cheered for the leaders of this political party. The people blindly hoped that the members of this political party are the most honest and are born to lift the poor from the suffering.

Many people thought that their problems would be solved by the kith, kin and the extended family of this political party but nothing of that sort seems to have happened inspite of the various efforts of this party. The people have now began to realize how they were fooled and how they have allowed the ceding of their powers to this political party and no matter who remains in government JPP has been the king breaker. Our democracy is slowly moving towards a situation where JPP will become the king makers and the day it becomes a reality, the citizens would see hell on earth.

JPP is high on moral sermonizing but all the idealizing words cannot be implemented. A perfect world is imaginary and JPP believes in perfection and promises it to the citizens in the hope of achieving its dream of being the king makers. Like most of the death cults which promise heaven in this or life or post death, the JPP promises the same at this very extent and this is highly tempting. JPP is the most dangerous political party with extra-nationalist loyalties. Hope this party never gains the powers it hopes and is working with a single minded focus.

Even though the full form of J is not mentioned, it should become obvious because of their characteristics which are listed below:

  • The top leaders JPP live in ivory towers with no contact with the poorest of the poor just like many other political party leaders
  • There is no connect between the various levels of the Party
  • The high command has a vice like grip regarding the promotions and is not bothered about the other affairs of the party
  • The party meetings are highly secret just like most political parties and their sources of finance are highly secretive and are not subject to anything in the law of the land
  • The party members can only hope to reach the top spot but the party promotes based on dynastic connections
  • Like all political parties, its members too waste public funds on foreign junkets
  • Unlike most political parties, there is no one pushed out for any statement against the high command because not many have spoken against the high command and all have submitted themselves to the party high command
  • JPP never goes to the people and never fights elections but only deals with the top leaders of most political parties and the public servants to get promotions and to remain in power

JPP is one political party that must never get power.

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