April 20, 2019

Jai Shree Ram

Odd days to visit temple, worship Cow. Even days make fun of HINDUS and their culture.

Congress and their strategists should remember one thing, once and for all that the era of treating Gandhis as some special people on this planet earth is over. The voters today don’t forget the painful past and the recent past.

Tragedy tourism is replaced with pilgrimage for setting the election mood. I as citizen was compelled to think during UPA 1 and 2 that Hindus don’t matter to congress. Their intentions were very clearly spelled out by then PM MMS

“Muslims must have first Claim to Resources”

 Congress was hell bent on dredging the Holy Ram Setu. And what kind of explanation they had. And what was their explanation? We want to dredge only 300 meters, the actual width is 30,000 meters. Would they dare to even pull a brick from any other HOLY site of minority? No.

Every opportunity this family got they tried their level best to paint HINDUS in bad light with help from News Traders and communist.

The height was when Sonia lead NAC prepared an ill conceived Communal Violence Bill and wanted to implement. Thanks to Dr. Swamy and other BJP leaders who did their bit to stop it.

It was September 2007 that this Congress party had submitted an affidavit in Hon. Supreme Court that there was no historical or scientific proof of Bhagwan Ram. Two senior officer of ASI were made scape goat as part of damage control by Congress.  Affidavit was withdrawn. Wow so much faith in Bhagwan Ram. In July 2008 Congress again Ram himself destroyed Sethu. This was soon after they won the trust vote in Parliament.

Appeasement politics is without boundaries and without fear of damaging the interest of the Nation even. Time tested formula of Congress failed them in 2014. This was the first time in their internal brain storming sessions they realised that locking someone in loo can get profile in the party but that can’t be done in elections. For the first time they were compelled to realise that voters are voters. If you divide them in caste, they will divide you in benefits you give. It was HINDUS and a lot of first time voters from minority community who took chance of voting for MODI.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr Swamy that this project is scrapped.

And this lead to Congress seeking answer to most difficult question. Are we anti hindu?                        


One investigation that BJP has probably forgotten in their list of A to Z scam is Thorium Scam It is INR 60 lac crore scam. Is this also left to Dr Swamy to pursue?

No one seems to be interested in this scam. Why? 

Back to Congress sudden love for HINDUS. None in congress objected to their Kerala state unit killing cow in public and then serving it. Just an apology on such a serious crime is not done. More so, hurting sentiments of HINDUS will not be forgotten. We don’t hit the roads on smallest of the provocation, burn public property, stop rail etc . We will use the vote and legal means to fight it out.

The impact would be big. That’s a promise.

Rahul keeps doing this occasional visits.



On a serious note these tricks will not work anywhere in India now. Be it KP Exodus, 1984, Ayodhya, Ram Sethu, or illegal settlement of Bangladeshis and Rohingya, HINDUS have not forgotten anything. Current score is at 44 in Parliament and next level, if at all someone wants to be kind to congress would be in single maximum digit in 2019.

Banking too much on weak economy is not a wise a thing for congress. RWs have a healthy fight and they remain united on voting and fighting anti nationals and news traders.

In case Congress has forgotten, then this 2008 US Cable should refresh their memory.

By the way any name finalized who would take the blame for Gujrat loss instead of Rahul?

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