May 19, 2019

Jai Shri Ram – UP Election (Part 1)

Whether people like it or not UP elections will revolve around community based benefits. This includes Hindus as well. Having spent major part of my childhood in Jhansi before shifting to Mumbai, I have seen the sudden rise of Samajwadi Party and BSP.

There was a time when district Lalitpur was part of District Jhansi. One MP on congress ticket Sujan Singh Bundela who hailed from Lalitpur had a major say in local affairs. Bullet motorcycle, Mahindra Jeeps, trucks, etc used have Bundela Bandhu written on number plate and traffic police never did anything. Message was clear.

With SP coming into power it changed to Yadav Bandhu. Initially the common people were not disturbed but the people who brought SP to power enjoyed the power and rest remained silence spectator to growing lawlessness.

Bundelkhand that comprises of nine districts of Madhya Pradesh and five from Uttar Pradesh (if my knowledge is correct) always dreamed of becoming a state. With Gwalior just 100 odd kilometers from Jhansi, Scindhias always wanted to have Gwalior as state capital if and when the state is formed.

One actor Raja Bundela who had some appearance in bollywood and in Television serials used to carry himself in Jhansi as if he is next only to Amitabh Bachchan. In November 2002 he was attacked by three goons in Bhopal after screening of his film. Later it was realised that it was stage managed. During 2014 elections when Modiji went for his rally to Jhansi he managed to appear on the stage. So that is his biggest contribution. He dreams of becoming Chief Minister as and when Bundelkhand State is formed.

Back to UP politics. Collection (hafta) is the trend. Needless to write how it is. What needs to be mentioned and noted is the assets created by the founder of two parties SP and BSP in the last 20 years. There were occasions where state government staff were not paid salary for months.

Appeasement was the key to SP in coming to power. Promise of support to backward caste was the key to BSP to come in power. Over the years majority was the loosers. BJP never had strong strategy. Would like to bring in RSS and BJP cadres of Kerala and West Bengal. Even in present time when Modi is PM they are being butchered the remaining cadres on ground have not deserted. UP never had party support to fight even legal cases.

With Amit Shah on scene things have changed. But lot has to be done. None in bollywood has ever come close to the reality in UP. Scene outside the bunglow of SP leaders has to be seen to feel the fear of raising your voice. You can’t think of overtaking their cavalcade or not giving space to the speeding cavalcade.

When BSP is in power there is a different fear to be experienced. Even the most notorious SP supporters either go under ground or maintain low profile.

None spoke about Shri Ram.

Now everyone wants to be Ram Bhakt.

Praja will reply with VOTE.

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