May 19, 2019

JALLIKATTU & a Tolerant India

The doomsayers who went ballistic with their concern that India will descend into anarchy because they believed that MODI would do everything to trample and tear apart the social fabric of the nation. Purportedly to further his hidden agenda of hard-line right-wing ideology. Some even wanted to leave the Nation fearing civil unrest.

But for a few incidents that were blown out of proportion by MODI’s political detractors and Social Elite, supported ably by the hyperactive and hyper snobbish Print & TV Media , the fears turned out to be misplaced. Apprehensions that cataclysmic calamity might befall us hasn’t materialised, thankfully.

Unfortunately the ‘Award Wapsi’ brigade parted with their Awards and Medals prematurely. Had they held on to their Awards they could have surrendered them now in protest against Mamata Di’s abetment of riots and arson in West Bengal, or against murder of right-wing activists in Kerala and Karnataka, or against Gundagiri in UP.

A diverse Nation with a huge population and a mirade of Religions, castes & languages cannot be expected to be incident free. To blowup an incident beyond proportion and to give it a communal twist every time it occurs has become the favourite pastime of our ‘so-called’ secular sentinels, because they are left with no other political weapon to counter MODI.

The country is tolerant as it was ever before, if not more.

A classic example is the DeMonetisation exercise. The Judiciary apprehended riots and unrest as a possible outcome of currency withdrawal. The opposition opposed it tooth & nail , but the nation took it in its stride, the murmurs were there, the anger and anguish was evident, the confusion was prevalent , but people did not resort to violence . Aren’t we tolerant ?

JALLIKATTU – the latest faceoff that concerns faith is another example of tolerance. All Tamilians as one, transcending caste and creed came out in support of sport that is both traditional and ancient. Their tolerant and peaceful protest forced the Government to sit up and take notice.

Worrying fact is that there is a pattern to it when it is said that –

▶Crackers pollute, so say no to them during DeepaWwli.

▶Conserve water, so say no to Holi.

▶Jallikattu is cruel to animals, say no to it is the latest call.

It’s become a fashion to target Hindu festivals, or has it just become convenient to pelt stones at Hinduism and take cover behind a wall called SECULARISM or behind a irrational facade called PETA, fester an issue , and when an untoward incident occurs – cry intolerant ?

We aren’t all that gullible .



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