April 24, 2019

Jhansi, Bundelkhand, UP, Yadav’s and Politics

The name Jhansi is synonym to Rani Laxmi Bai. It is also the city where Hockey Wizard Major Dhyanchand spent major part of his life till he died. Jhansi is part of the famous region Bundelkhand. Over the years all political parties including BJP have promised a lot for this region.

Talking about the City Jhansi and Bundelkhand, there was a time when congress MP Sujan Singh Bundela name was everywhere. Vehicles owned by him (car, jeep, tractors) used have Bundela Bandhu instead of the vehicle registration number. When SP formed the government for the first time, locals saw change. People from SP and their party continued with the tradition and locals saw new tag Yadav Bandhu instead of the registration number of the vehicle. Now this culture has faded to a large extent. But the terror of SP is visible and no one takes the risks of indulging in any kind of tussle with Chandrapal Singh Yadav or any SP member. The bunglow where they shifted used to be owned by a couple who used to stay with his widow mother is now turned into a fort. The visitors, vehicles, arms are good enough to convey the message. The terror is created over a period of time.

Who is he? Difficult to write but a summary can be read from this link http://myneta.info/ls2014/candidate.php?candidate_id=5550


Then there is a past that people of UP will never forget.


Bundelkhand is an important region. Rahul Gandhi too has made some guest appearance in the past. Just like Kalawati in Maharashtra Rahul Gandhi met a Dalit Acheylal Raidas in 2008 who was not keeping well and had lost his son recently. Commitments were made as always and finally CM Akhilesh Yadav gave this family a home under some state government scheme.

MP of Jhansi Uma Bharti who is also Cabinet Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation did not attend state executive meeting in Jhansi in August 2016. IMG_20170102_105141_672 (1)IMG_20170102_105123_520 The citizens of Jhansi are also not happy with her. One flyover which is on one of prime area and also the road that connects Shivpuri to Jhansi is still incomplete. Incidentally the state government has completed their part of the construction and now Indian Railways has to do their part. Entire city traffic has gone for a toss and this is pending for months now. Jhansi has a thermal power plant but it still deprived of 24 x 7 power supply. Least said the better for 14 Spinning Mills of UP. If managed well these could have given not only employment but also major revenue to state government. Industrial area Bijouli in Jhansi has never flourished for lack of consistent power supply. Farmers suicide in Maharashtra have major media coverage but in Bundelkhand no one is interested. Funds from central government have not been utilized well.

On Dec 28, 2016 CM Akhilesh Yadav spent time in Bundelkhand region. He has indicated something unusual. Yes he has shown interest to contest from Babina constituency. This is a stronghold of BSP and also famous for cantonment area of Indian Army and a town in Jhansi District. In the last state election the seat won by various political parties in Bundelkhand has 19 assembly seats is SP 5 BSP 7 BJP 3 Congress 4 Keeping the focus on young generation he has announced one more round of free lap tops to meritorious students.

Internet connections in UP are high and so is the cyber crime rate. Around 5000 registered cases and close to 3800 arrested.

There is no doubt UP is competing with Bihar in crime.

Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-33- Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-34-10

Crime Rate in 2015 Uttar Pradesh registered lowest number of cases under IPC. Yes only 112 as per NCRB data. But there are substantial number of cases registered under Special and Local Law (SLL). Typically the reason of avoiding to put IPC in several cases could be to escape the actual picture of the state. UP also has the highest percentage of rape cases in UP as compared to rest of India.

No matter what is said on development, sitting MP and MLA of BJP have to be seen genuine ground work with the locals. Time is lost but at least from now on till the elections they need to connect and understand the issues. PM Modi can’t be used by one and all for winning their own elections. Hope PM  and Shri Amit Shah put pressure on their potential candidates to do the basic first. UP is not a test for Modi, it is for the BJP candidates.

Picture Credit: States of India


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