May 24, 2019

Jihadi Mindset

When we hear the word jihad, we get a picture of a bearded guy who is out there trying to kill people in the name of Allah. But most of the jihadi supporters claim that the jihad meant that the inner purification and is a process of self improvement but the initially explanation seems to have a longer retention in the minds of people. Hence the jihad sympathizers have come with a terminology called Islamophobia to shield the entire jihad ideology, be it internal or external and ensured that the ideology called Islam is kept beyond critique.

One thing stands out in the system of jihad is the expertise of mullahs to make regular muslims into murderous weapons of various kinds. The alleged bad jihadis are out there trying to kill by stabbing, shooting at public, blowing up themselves, denying treatment to injured people, mass raping, mass molestation, mass nuisance creation, etc. All the jihadis claim that they are following the word of God and they have dedicated all of their deeds in the name of their personal, so called one true god. The jihadis have no fear of man made laws even though the revelation of Allah has happened through a man several hundred years ago.

This ideology has close resemblance to the teachings of our very own Bhagavan Krishna or the Vedanta philosophy. Krishna said that everything is because of him and he goes onto teach Arjuna not to worry about anything because of his acts. Krishna asks Arjuna to fight for Dharma and not to worry about the results because they are not in Arjuna’s control. At the end of the teaching Arjuna fights on the side of Dharma and against his own people. DHARMO RAKSHATI RAKSHITAH. The mullahs have become very adept to teach the jihadis about the Dharma and making them warriors of some kind.

The way Arjuna had belief and devotion towards Krishna the jihadis too have a belief and devotion towards their gods and this does not mean that mullahs, Krishna and jihadi, Arjuna are on equal footings. This is the problem where we get struck in analyzing the jihadi mindset. It is important to establish the base and from this position it is important to analyze the murderous jihadis and most of the things become clear. The basic problem with the jihadis and the rest of the world is the description of what constitutes Dharma. Each one has his own definition.

The Dharma of a jihadi is to establish the reign of allah and to live under Shariah law because it is supposed to please Allah and the hopeful life of peace to all. Towards this Dharma the jihadi is ready to go to any extent and nothing is forbidden in justifying the end result. Hence no man made rules, laws or rights does not matter to a jihadi and his belief in his religious teachings as done by some mullahs is so strong that nothing deters him. Since there is little of questioning allowed, the issue of introspection and doubts do not exist. Apart from this the jihadi does everything in the name of his God absolves his mind of any feelings of guilt.

The problem with those who want to fight the jihadi is multifold because of the definition of Dharma and as long as united efforts are put, the jihadi would see that the diverse forces as weak and out to destroy his dharma. It is important to make the jihadi realize that the Dharma is at fault and it is the most difficult task because those furthering the jihadi agenda and too rich and are very powerful in the economic world we inhabit today. There is nothing that deters a jihadi and the more the people fight against his Dharma the more it strengthens his belief of him being on the right side.

A jihadi who indulges in violence is best dead and there is no two ways about it because a mind which has accepted a particular Dharma where there is no scope of questions is ideally beyond reform. The Dharma of a jihadi and that of non-jihadi are at the opposite ends of the humanity and there is no solution in the horizon that is capable of solving the jihadi problem. If the world wants to rid of the jihadi ideology, the entire supply chain of the Jihadi Ecosystem has to be uprooted and replaced with a better Dharma.

It is a universal truth that Dharma is based on time, place is contextual and if anyone believes in a fixed them, we end up in having murderous jihadis. It is high time that people realize that the mindset of jihadi is much firm in this goal than the average citizen who has to face a jihadi.

Picture Credit: Daily Express


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