May 24, 2019

#JNU – Government Benefits for Nationalists not for Anti Nationals

IMG_20170208_070111_286Some take admission to make a Career while others take admission to become Urban Naxals. Bad company and disease are contagious and difficult to heal. Some college campus have become breeding ground for Anti National activities and are being supported by leftist openly.

Take the case of FTII and JNU. What kind of students do they have. Some of them are good enough to be having a family and decent job if you go by their age. Same campus have produced big names and India is proud of them. So what is the missing link? What drags them to speak against the Nation and misbehave with their faculty members even? What is the motive and future of such students?

The questions raised may have multiple answers from  different schools of thoughts. What I perceive and evaluateis that such students are no less than naxalites. They have similarities. Using our soil and abusing us with our tax paid money. A student has a career in mind. After the age of 18 if they have chosen to speak against the Nation then little can be done. While efforts to bring them back in mainstream can’t be ruled out but how many will change. There is a behavioral pattern. They want infinite freedom, they don’t want to respect law of the land. They change the tone when law catches up with them. They have ZERO respect for man in UNIFORM, their political affiliations are much stronger than their personal financial health at the time of admission in University, they have no plan to finish their studies and move on in life………..

As if students were not enough, now we have faculty members even talking language that would be music to IMG_20170208_070238_179people across the border. There is something seriously wrong. THE LAW WILL TAKE ITS OWN COURSE has become politically accepted statement Pan India. Look forward to MODIJI and Home Minister to do a surgical strike on the mind and soul of TERROR and NAXAL sympathisers and practitioners. Ordinary citizens shiver seeing a man in Uniform, that is law abiding citizens. Fear psychosis is missing. Need of the hour is to create that Fear psychosis. You can control few people under watch but not the masses. Masses needs to be control by Fear psychosis, time to set an example by picking up such people and putting them under fast track court. Remove all benefits they enjoy at the cost of tax payers.

IMG_20170208_070553_637It is hard earned tax payer money government is using in JNU. As long as the students and the faculty does justice, it is fine. But if they enjoy the luxury and get into any Anti National activity the wings needs to be clipped. There should be only two choices. Rusticate the student. If that can’t be done for want of investigation then within a week the student should be made to pay market rate for all the amenity and studies. He / she should not be allowed hostel facility as well. Campus should be kept clean from insects that spread life taking diseases.

What do you with the faculty members?JNU_1

These are educated breed. They need to be declared anti national on record and given two choice. Either life imprisonment or leave the country. FOE is not a blank cheque. If SEDITION is invited by such depeople then it has to be dealt in shortest possible time. If ignored then the message of weakness of the government is apparent. No matter what Award Wapsi Brigade along with cover firing of political parties say or do, ruling party should go ahead with cleaning the breeding ground. The genesis of such anti India activists has to be filled with exemplary legal action so that in future people think twice before repeating or supporting anti national agenda. How on earth can students celebrate killing of CRPF Jawans by naxals in the University campus or anywhere in India. Arm chair activists, politicians and NGOs had enough of free run. Now time to take proactive measures. Civil society will stand with man in Uniform and will use legal steps to teach lessons.

Picture Credit: AZ Quotes Twitter screen shots .. thanks to all tweeples.


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