July 18, 2018

JNU needs Operation Blue Star

Indira Gandhi era, making of the monster Bhindrawale and then Operation Blue Star can never be forgotten. Slowly and gradually JNU is moving in that direction. Only difference is that he had amassed arms and ammunition inside the sacred place good enough to blow the temple and surrounding. And the present lot of anti nationals are big enough to connect right from Kashmir to Kerala. Their support comes from leftist and news traders who know for sure that the government would not act against them. Even if it acts the judiciary in India weak arms. With due respect to the law and judiciary let me share just one live example here. I don’t want an answer. The time lost to act so far is in itself an answer.

Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 (2)


Who has the Onus to act on such people? Government or Judiciary? If none acts then Who? Movements in present day like the ones of Anna Hazare happen when government fails to act and vacuum is left for substantial period of time. Un elected members of Rajya Sabha are supporting media people who are hated by majority of the citizens. Do they not have responsibility of going by the mood of the Nation? I know FM was one of the first person to support Modiji for PM candidate, this should not become a liability now.

Time to ask simple, yet tough questions?  This NAMASKAR picture speaks volumes and can’t be taken in isolation as a mistake.

IMG_20170308_182625_522Go ahead and ask your questions to Finance Minister. Don’t wait for Rajat Sharma’s show for answer. This is #SocialMediaAdalat

I want #SocialMediaAdalat to join me in requesting Hon PM to appoint ministers only from Lok Sabha.

Start criminal action against all who want Bharat Tere tukde…. be it directly or indirectly.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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  • AKD

    Shahi Imam, I guess he is inviting problem. Is he really counting his days? We want him to act like a holyman. Does he thinks his days are numbered. He has to face his own created problem. He has to follow the law or relax his rest of his life behind the bars without any medical treatments. He has to choose his choice. His family members should guide him. It may not be his fault, he might has become insane or retarded due his age related illness. None is above the law. Even president of the country.