April 26, 2019

JNU – The Denuded Labyrinth of Knowledge..

An incubator of Knowledge has morphed into a fertile breeding ground for proponents of a peculiar brand of Free Speech. Here Free Speech is devoid of conscience, deprived of respect and bereft of Values.

Just like the Dynasty that lends it’s name to the University, the once famous school of learning has deteriorated into a cesspool of dirty politics.

The once temple of learning that attracted young and intelligent minds to hone their knowledge, is today a magnet to Factions, Student Unions , ‘wannabe’ politicians & anti-nationals.

The deterioration of JNU as an institution is complete. Not because it’s lost its potential to create promising talent, but because it creates more of unruly and misguided youth than talented young men.

There is no point discussing about the Kanhaiya’s and Umar Khalid’s because they are misguided youth enjoying the tax payers money to further their nefarious ways, they unapologetically paddle the ideology of their political mentors. Such guys are not just restricted to JNU, they are there everywhere, the only difference is that these people find it easy to flourish in JNU because of lack of even a semblance of law on-campus.

Politicians that unabashedly support these misguided elements are the one to be blamed. The photo-op politics of the Neta’s embolden the youth, it encourages them to indulge in activities that doesn’t bring laurels to JNU.

Irresponsible politicians and irresponsible students are a potent mix that can fester a restive campus, as if this isn’t enough the irresponsible Media adds fuel to fire.

There was a time when JNU was a ‘Centre of Excellence’,  but today it is just a ‘JUVENILE & NOTORIOUS UNIVERSITY’.


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