April 23, 2019

#JNU to #UN- Time to Connect Dots

show concern for all or none

The seed of anti national activities were sown long back. The dirty fruits are being sold by some section of media, self professed intellectuals, NGOs etc openly now.

The flag bearers are left leaning individuals (on purpose not writing citizens) who pop up like a programmed software without wasting a nano second, moment they are needed.

Why have they become prominent off late?

Initially it was UPA government that encouraged all sort of people under the umbrella of NAC and they went to the extent of forcing a Communal Violence Bill. Thanks to Dr Swamy for doing whatever was needed to stop it in time. The leftist agenda flourished with absolute impunity.

Then came Modi Sarkar and citizens had high hopes of all such agenda to be controlled. Be it West Bengal or Kerala nothing is being done by the government to stop broad day light massacre. Probably the BJP as a party and Modiji wants to exert their good work only after winning election in each state. Until then the leftist know all the central government is going to do is some book release and dharna here and there. The speed at which BJP and RSS workers are being killed will soon make great wall of China small to put the portraits of all who gave their life for the party.

In JNU the story is not different. There are no murders like Kerala but the soul of Bharat is insulted breathlessly by students and some faculty members even. Heroes are created by left leaning media and intellectuals at the drop of hat and government is busy doing balancing act. At least I have not heard anything from the Education Minister. RW and Hindus are arrested and rest go unnoticed. Ones who were arrested should be put on fast track court. Instead they are busy mingling with political parties and are guest on Prime Time.

White collared crime is known and government is doing to bring them to books. What about terrorists moving around like students, shouting Bharat tere tukde and afzal…

Who should be Sharminda?

The central government has not yet developed courage to arrest the person who issued fatwa to kill the PM but ordinary HINDU people get arrest with stringent law. What do we expect from the government.

The root cause of the problem is not the leftist. The root cause is the inefficiency of central government to take action against all Anti National people. This includes media and intellectuals. The government has to act tuff with all, even the political parties. FOE either is available to all or none. There can’t be reservation in FOE as seen while FIR are filed. I still remember when Commissioner of Police – DELHI, MUMBAI and BANGALORE twitted that no one should spread rumor during Demonetisation, none including the Home Minister acted against the one who spread salt selling at INR 400/kg. Such an attitude is frustrating the law abiding citizens and government should make serious note of it. Why force a situation to go out of hand. These are screen shots government has to answer.



Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-39-49 barkha_dutt (2)

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Screenshot_2016-09-23-10-54-23 Screenshot_2016-09-23-10-56-18 (1) Screenshot_2016-08-10-18-20-08

How can the government allow a political party to continue when they have anti India agenda?


PM Modi himself has been at the receiving end of the media for years together. He faced it, he is made of different MITTI. We are not and we are taken to task despite talking with evidence because leftist know BJP and RSS will not support the RW beyond a point.

A person is known by the company it keeps. If it was a normal picture of some left leaning people in a social get together, I would have ignored but this is different from the normal meeting.


What is the achievement of these people. Went full throttle to abuse MODI and ensure he doesn’t become PM. Twisting every statement of MODI right from his CM days till date.



C55Z5fdVAAAfv5EBe it Aamir or Priyanka Chopra none would have the guts to make a film with a district level player. The reason is obvious. The money is on mind and that is the end of it. That is SATYAMEV JAYTE. Did anyone of them bother to start an academy for respective sport? The films made money because of the Medal Winners not because of the reel life hero. Who can forget the moment when these players were in the finals and the nation was praying for them. Nation prays for the players not the HERO of reel life.

Financially well off Aamir Khan will be giving an award of INR 50 lacs in Maharashtra. They money is pledged by Maharashtra State government and the winner would be decided by his NGO. Least said the best.

No body wants war. Wars are forced. Citizens who join defense forces to guard our borders know this and they35FC10CC00000578-3675927-Stone_pelters_Cases_dropped-a-28_1467764737768 are few. Hence, they get respect for the extra ordinary work they do for the motherland. Law abiding citizens don’t need sermons. One who need GYAAN are the ones who are so meticulous in their hatred they attend prayers with stones in hand and the ones who enjoy facility and amenity on Tax payer money and still support Pakistani cause.

IMG_20170216_062955_618Pakistan did not kill, War killed is a personal thought and it will have limited shelf life. Why not give the same shelf life to dissent. Left leaning people want one way traffic. Time has changed. Politics is no more a matter of slum voters and people staying in lutynen delhi or the ones who come and give sound bites on news channels or some journalists discussing the cabinet portfolio or someone claiming to be journalist but succumbs to pressure to air cash for vote. MORAL COMPASS is will always have the needle marked in RED …..

Social media has changed everything and will remain ruthless to all. Ones who light the fire find it difficult to play with it beyond 24 hours on Twitter. Result, they play victim card. The noose is tightening and the government will also wake up to the massive support demanding justice.

The frustration and hatred is old and will never go. Precisely this is the reason many are fighting a malala-1-300x199lost battle with RW. A noble prize to someone like this is of zero value. Someone who is safe and still speaks against my country is a puppet of a Global Agenda. UN has become a joke. Has anyone heard Malala showing concern for Baluchistan? But she has time to lecture India. Noble Prize does not authorize winners to become saint. It sounds so good to be philosophical. And it looks good only when you are safely watching TV and giving GYAAN.

All these philosophical students and tag given to them would have made sense had they spoken when citizens are killed in West Bengal and Kerala, CRPF Jawans ambushed. Where does the philosophy go then? kerala


And none of these stand up for Men in Uniform in Kashmir.



We are at cross road and need to make a choice. Which parent do we support. Definitely not the ones who let their kids loose on the ones who protect us.

IMG-20170217-WA0063 IMG_20160919_184730-300x240

No matter what school of thought you belong to, when it comes to nationalism we need to be taking our enemy, Pakistan head on. Kashmir is our integral part, anyone talking of Tukde Tukde will not be tolerated.

Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Credits: Hindustan Times for the link, Screen Shots from Twitter – many thanks to all innovative tweeples for sharing useful info.


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