April 21, 2019

#JoblessGrowth: Joblessness of “Sources” In Modi’s India

“Sources” were never pushed to realms of irrelevance. “Drivers” and “Cooks” could not fill the void left by “Sources”. Jobs data, therefore, is so grim.

No one in media circles imagined that BJP will catch so called champions of Dalits off guard by announcing Ram Nath Kovind’s name for president’s post. ” Ram” will be too difficult for opposition to be put down. They have been outplayed and their fake Dalit agenda has been rendered point less.

The Gathbandhan of Thugs of Hindustan is hardly of any use now. Rahul Baba was quick to anticipate trouble and now he is in Italy savouring Italian delicacies on pappu diwas. BJP did make Pappu of Thugbandhan parties. They cannot figure out any plausible ground to oppose BJP’s presidential candidate.

Speculation regarding Sushma and Advani did not yield. Well, “Sources” who fed off power circles to broker information to media houses have been “Maid” (made) to take up jobs in Ola and Uber. Ola Money and PayTm has done enough to rub salt in wounds of “Sources” through Digital India.



_20170619_161354A well-orchestrated media campaign against BJP’s presidential nominee pick has started to draw parallels between INC’s selection of Pratibha Patil and BJP’s Ram Nath Kovind. Ram has well established credentials starting from Rajya Sabha to Governor post of Bihar. Mrs Patil’s only ace card was loyalty to the dynasty. Fissures within opposition are quite clear and they are scrambling to put a candidate on July 22nd. The fact is opposition does not have any leader to counter BJP’s presidential nominee. Gopal Gandhi and Meira Kumar are the two probables but they do not ignite enough passion to cobble up numbers across opposition parties.

Numbers are NDA side.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter.


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