April 26, 2019

Judicial  Action against Hindu Leaders

The spine of the government remains upright when it has to deal with Hindus of every kind, but the moment seculars come into the picture, the government crawls. Worse is when the government licks the boots of the seculars seeking permission for doing the mandatory tasks.

What happened to a state that is supposed to be sovereignty?

Sovereignty: the authority of a state to govern itself or another state.

The recent events makes one believe that the India is at the mercy of the people who want to destroy our country and we are even cheering at the permissions given by the aliens.

The government of India and all its arms act very upright when it has to deal with the Hindu leaders be it Kanchi Shankaracharya, Nityananda Swamy, Asaram Bapu or the recent one Guru Ram Rahim. Whatever their crime, the police seem to be acting in haste at first and even the judiciary seem to be going along the orgy of being upright and getting an honesty certificate.

The entire state machinery crumbled in two cases. The conviction rate of our justice system inspires awe among the people who hope for any justice because of the expertise of a few in character assassinations. It becomes clear after a point that the justice rarely exists for the sane and only insanity prevails in the judiciary. The circus of Indian judiciary has been going in circles making a mockery of the system that has been giving them food.

It is always the same set of characters that make a parade in full public view and hold the nation to ransom. It is the same kind of judgment that not only goes against the civilisational ethos of the native people. It is the same sense of hypocrisy and mockery that the judgments are delivered when it comes to one class of citizens.

If it was deepavali for Shankaracharya, it is vinayaka chaviti for Ram Rahim. People might feel that it is some kind of divine intervention that on the festive days powerful people are sent to jails. But in some other corner of the same country, the state has failed the ordinary folks from celebrating their festivals in the name of maintaining harmony. The judiciary shivers in their pants when they have to deal some sorts of elements like the politicians and their puppets or is it the ideology puppets and their politicians.

There is more of sinister agenda that runs the Indian judiciary than most other organizations. The way the judiciary functions puts the question – Who their masters really are? Whether it is the constitution of India or some alien book holders?

The state has crumbled when it has to deal with terrorist, terrorist sympathizers and we as Indians have the gall to call ourselves Sovereign. We feel proud when we get a support for building a temple from alien lands, when we should have put our heads under piles of shame.

The Charade of Sovereignty will continue as long as our borders are guarded well and the numbers are in our favor. The moments the numbers fail, the judiciary and their ilk will lose their voices and leave the citizens to their fate. It is not the state that is failing, but the timing of the judiciary that is failing the nation. We once thought that the politicians are the curse, but the real curse on our nation is the power wielding judiciary who want to mock the citizens for what they are.

Ram Rahim could have been sentenced on any other day, but it had to be a festival day. The Ram Rahim guy might be a criminal but nothing in India happens on its own when there are bigger games being played and with too much at stake for everyone. The judicial rot has sinister agenda than it appears and it is not going to keep it simple. Hindus cannot get justice easily and have to slave in front of the mighty secular judiciary and their religious heads will be the first ones to be targeted.

Justice has now a color and it voice is in choked by the masters who belong to any color but Saffron.

Image Credit: https://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/10-minutes-in-a-life/225895


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