April 19, 2019

Judiciary Is Anti-Constitution

The Indian Judiciary has some of the top qualities that suit its status of being the guarantor of equal rights of its citizens. Zero Transparency, Zero Accountability, Zero Culpability, No Procedural Adherence are only some of the qualities that can be attributed to the great Indian Judiciary. The question that comes to the mind of the common citizens who seek justice is, “Why does the Judiciary penalize those who seek justice instead of those who are supposed to provide Justice?” With changes in government, there might be a change in the style of governance but the same cannot be said of the Judiciary which has been doing one of the most honorable jobs of driving wedges among the various sections of our country. Even a Khap Panchayat would deliver a better justice and conduct a speedy trail to those who approach it.

The constitution abiding citizens should ask the government, why has the Judiciary become Anti-Constitutional? The only possible reason is uncontrolled lust to hold power and lord over the people. Very few people could hold power and be humble and true to their position. Many individuals in our world cannot handle the power. Indian judiciary has failed in selecting people to the top positions of unlimited power, who could handle the power of the position. Leaders such as Maino, Pappu, Jihadi Didi, etc of India are examples of political people who have lost their sanity because of the power they possess. This statement is true because these people have failed to uphold the responsibilities of their position which was to ensure the safety, security and prosperity of the citizens in an equal manner. This syndrome is not limited to India alone because we see world leaders clinging onto power and doing things which are largely anti citizens.

It is grumblingly accepted behavior of the politicians to be biased and make policies that are suited only to its supporters. The question remains why does people in power who have to fight no elections get biased and do anti citizen activities. The executive arm of the constitution has good payment and yet this arm is the most corrupt and a number of cases are seeing the light of the day. We are witnessing corrupt officers accumulating thousands of crores without any fear of the law. There are only a handful of officers who are honest in each office of the government. There may be a few rational and honest ones in the government offices but the incentive to remain true to their job does not ensure promotions and the zero-accountability is the issue that makes the executive to be brazen in their attitude. Inspite of several open and shut cases of corruption according to the public opinion, we have rarely seen any executive going to jail for ever. Instead we see ordinary citizens being packed to jail over simple issues. The more corrupt an individual, the more pliant is the Judiciary in granting time to hear the case to delay the proceedings and no corrupt would ever be punished because of the zero accountability.

The safety net provided to the executive does not provides the necessary deterrence from committing frauds on the citizens and the nation. With the absence of accountability for any government service, it is a free for all and the alleged protectors of the rights of the citizens feast over the problems of the citizens. Even a signature by a public servant in a document does not makes the individual accountable and only Gods know who is accountable for the commissions by omissions acts of the executive. Some errors are pardonable but lakh crore scams are never accepted and the honest ones are bumped off by the corrupt ones if any danger to their position is noticed. We have seen murders/disappearances of the public servants which might happen for a variety of reasons and the culprits are roaming the streets with impunity. This makes the great Joke of Indian Constitution a partner in the crime committed by any of the citizens because it has failed in its obligation of ensuring the rights of the honest citizens while protecting the most corrupt, criminal and treacherous ones. While one Vanzara guy was locked up in jail but a Teesta is not allowed custodial interrogation by the police.

The Indian judiciary has become a den of corruption and rent seeking agents who seem to be at the top of the unaccountability. By not sending any dishonest officials to jails in a time bound manner, the jokers have been granting extensions and bails to all the alleged ones while being silent over the problems of the citizens. While one Vikas was locked up in jail over a frivolous drams by a baby jihadi one English expert MP is roaming the streets inspite of allegations of being a partner in the murder of his wife and one Pal who did some fingering in the lift is still roaming and probably molesting more women. This happens because Vikas was an ordinary Indian and the other two are well connected and as we all know the Indian Joke called Judiciary protects only a certain class of citizens. It was with great difficulty and a prolonged fight in the courts that the Indian Judiciary had sent one of the most corrupt politicians called Lalu to jail and bizarrely he lands up in a hospital with chest pain after a few weeks. But the same individual will be in full health during the political campaigns and deal making. The jokers of justice would not  be bothered about this drama by its favorite class of citizens.

The only time the Jokers of Justice worked in a highly time bound manner was in the matters of banning Hindu festivals and cancelling NJAC. It was a known universal fact that the Indian constitution is anti-hindu in nature and is one of the most discriminatory pieces of document ever written. Even the bible and Koran would give some boons to the true believers, but the Indian constitution punishes the real followers of the original preamble of the constitution while aiding and abetting the most criminal, corrupt. The speed and the way in which the NJAC was cancelled would tell how much worried the Judiciary is ensuring its rights are not trampled upon even though the Judiciary has broken the sacredness of the constitution by its own judgments step by step usurping the powers of the legislature while appearing to act holy. In reality the usurping of the constitutional powers is only to ensure that the agenda of the Judiciary runs and not that of the honest constitution respecting citizens. If the same Judiicary had seen the laws in the right spirit of the constitution instead of the alien-spirits things would have been much better.

By being an enabler of sectarian laws and giving leeway to anti-hindu agents and prioritizing anti-India agents in all its functioning , the Judiciary has become anti people while claiming to be the protector of the rights of the citizens. The common man is still worried if there is any sanity left in the courts because what the common man thinks is correct would not be case in the courts and they have a mind of their own. Not one law drafted would qualify the test of the preamble of the constitution and yet the courts or its activist judges have no issues but they are only concerned about only their rights and special powers. If at all there is any agency that is anti-people it is the Indian Judiciary inspite of coming to the aid of the citizens in a few rare cases. By taking up the all the powers of the constitution, the Judiciary has become anti-Constitutional while acting highly moralistic to cover up the immoral activities that happen under their noses. It is time the political and common people leaders to raise their voice against the agenda of the anti-Constitutional Judiciary so that they make wake from the colonial hangover and understands the Constitution in the Spirit of Bharatiya Samskriti and not in some Alien-Spirits.

The dangers to the democracy are increasingly coming from the protection given to the frauds by the Judiciary and not from any other sources. As an alleged upholder of the Constitution the Judiciary cannot be Anti-Constitutional.

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