Judiciary is Shakuni

The BJP leadership and the various strategists tend to believe that their work will bring them back to power. Atalji also thought and people are still the same who tend to forget the bad days too quickly. The only difference between the current dispensation and the earlier NDA was that the current party leaders have been strengthening the party from day one of being in power. This strengthening of the party in itself is going to give them a few percentage incremental votes distributed more uniformly. The current BJP leadership has been intelligent in reaching out to more number of people and ensuring that their election machinery is ready to go the voters and pull them out of their laziness when needed. The BJP has the support of a host of organizations in their regard who would never give up on the party. More groups seem to have put their weight behind the BJP and this could also be a reason for the improving electoral performances of the party as a whole. The complex social alliances that the BJP seem to have been managing behind the scenes are a case study for political students.

No one can win always, election debacles are part of the life of a political party. Gaining strength after a defeat is one trait that is needed by the politicians and political parties for their long-time survival. Different parties and politicians have different strategies to come back. While some of the politicians simply wait for the population bomb to explore others are going for social alliances. Some politicians use money power while others use violence as a way to make people follow their personal preferences. In some extreme cases, foreign influences are used to make people to vote in a particular fashion. Everything is fair when it is done in India and against the Indian interests by certain politicians and political parties. Now one new entrant has arrived into the already complex games of politicians and political parties. The new entrant is none other than the Judiciary which has declared that their agenda is anti-democracy and thereby anti-constitution.

“Majoritarian views, popular morality cannot dictate constitutional rights” is the statement made in the context of a 377 which in reality is the mockery of the constitution and U-turn by the judiciary themselves. By their habit, the Judiciary have declared themselves as “Barbarika” of the Mahabharata war. Krishna settled this “Barbarika” issue what the people of Bharat do with the modern-day Barbarika is still not clear. But the scheme of things is becoming clear. More people are making a mockery of the decisions of the courts because they are not in sync with the people who stood for this nation even when the same judiciary was subverted by anti-nationalists. I once thought that a Bhamsura Ideology is needed to tie the judiciary in knots with their bigoted confusing judgements on a variety of issues(http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/no-way-out-for-hindus/). The more important question that remains is whether the Judiciary really wants to be Barbarika.

The clear answer would be from their recent history. The Judiciary does not want to intervene in matters related to soldiers and would send them back to trial courts. They are happier to hear cases relating to terrorists, anti-nationalists and a host of other “prominent citizens”. This peculiar behaviour was not visible during the decade of decay and the judiciary seems to have forgotten their continuous postponement of fast track case judgment. The bravery of the judiciary seems to stem from the cluelessness of the government and thus their Barbarika Avatar. This Barbarika Avatar would vanish and would become Dritharastra once a non-BJP government comes to power and they would be more than happy to stop collecting the sealed covers regarding the black money. What the SC does is not questionable because they think they are the upholders of Democracy. LoL.

For all their false bravado, the judiciary is neither Barbarik nor they can remain Drithrasta during non-BJP governments. In reality, they are the Shakuni pushing the nation towards an internal civil war and with their aim being clear, to install Dhuryodhana as the King of Bharatvarsha.

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